Enhanced GE/Jasco Dimmer Switch Routine

Good Day, I am trying to determine if the routine: Enhanced GE/Jasco Dimmer Switch, developed by Ben W. (@desertBlade) will continue to work as Smartthings shift to their new environment or do I need to find another routine? And if so - are there any suggestions for a replacement?
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That’s a custom groovy Device Type Handler. Not a routine. Here’s the original,

All custom groovy device type handlers will stop working with the change. this one included.

The good news is that there are multiple possible alternatives that do work with the new architecture.

Check the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki and look on the edge driver lighting list. You should find at least one there that will work. :sunglasses:


Many thanks! I think I found a replacement. Working with the developer on the details of installation and testing. So - far, the new driver is installed and recognized - always a good thing.
Now working the setup…

Again - many thanks ! :slight_smile:

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JDRoberts, This novice has another question. While I am working with another on his device handler for my many dimmer light switches, if it ends up not working, am I correct in that I could search for another device handler/driver, and then install it? And I will then have two device handlers/drivers installed to choose from?
Thank you in advance for your counsel.

Yes, if you have downloaded two different Edge Drivers to your hub that match the same device, you will be able to choose between them.

(Note that “device type handlers“ are part of the old architecture that will be discontinued in the next couple of months. So although they do still work right now, most people are going straight to edge drivers if they are available, which are part of the new architecture, because those will continue to work in the future.)

Many thanks !