Enerwave zwn-rsm2-plus how to pair the device without opening the switch

So i have enerwave zwn-rsm2-plus installed but i have the button closed and its not paired, is there an easy way to pair this without opening the switch board and pressing the pairing button?

If it has never been paired, try putting ST into pairing mode and power cycle the device? If it hasn’t been paired before, perhaps doing that reenables pairing when it’s power cycled.

Do you have the user manual, and does it specify a toggle sequence you can do with an attached switch?

unfortunately i dont have the manual and don’t know the toggle sequence, if some one knows the toggle sequence that would be awesome, also do i have to keep the smartthings hub really close the first time i pair?

Google is your friend:


This is what you want: (look on page 2)


I doubt it, especially if you have other zwave devices nearby.

While the Smartthings app is scanning for a device to pair you have to flip the light switch on and off five times, fairly quickly. But here’s the thing: it can’t be so quick that the relay doesn’t flip. You have to wait like half a second each time until you hear the relay flip, then you can flip the switch again. It took me a long time to figure that out. Now it works every time.

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