Enerwave ZWN-500D turns on by itself

(Chris Corcoran) #1

I recently replace a GE ZWave switch with an Enerwave ZWN-500D. I also replaced the GE aux switches (2) with the Enerwave aux switches. These switches controlled 8 LED ceiling lights (about 20W each).

I replaced the GE switch because manually turning it on did not always work (I could always turn it on with the app). The Enerwave requires a neutral wire and is supposed to work great with LED’s.

The switch works great, turns on/off manually just fine and with the app. The problem is that when I come downstairs in the morning all 8 lights are usually on (this happens 2 out of 3 mornings). Looking at the activity history they were turned on between 11 PM and midnight. The log shows ‘physical’ but no one is near the switch at these times. I have not yet connected the switch to any SmartApps.

Could this be a defective switch?
Any other ideas, ie should I remove from network and re/add?



(H Guess) #2

Hi Chris,

That sounds odd especially with it coming on at approximately the same time each time. I personally would change the switch out and if it happens again you could safely assume it’s the brand of switch. You might also consider testing with a different light source as well. Take care, best wishes.

(Cody Truscott) #3

Now that you’ve had trouble with two different switches, I’d exore the wireing. My guess is that something funky is going on with the traveler.

Try removing the traveller from the main switch and using it in single switch mode for a few days.

(Chris Corcoran) #4

In case anyone else has the issue the fix for me was the replacement switch. It has been 72 hours now and the light only comes on when it is supposed to.