Enerwave ZWN-323 Turning Off Unexpectedly

Has anyone been able to get the Enerwave ZWN-323 dimmer working correctly with SmartThings? When I turn the device on (either via a SmartThings app, the UI in the mobile app, or the button on the device) it promptly turns off (usually within a few seconds, but sometimes as long as a few minutes). I’ve tried plugging it into several outlets and lamps around the house with the same results. I’m pretty certain the issue is with SmartThings, and not simply a defective device. If I power off the SmartThings hub and turn the device on (via the button on the device) it stays on as expected. But once I power up the hub it’s tuned off again. I also tried removing the SmartThings app that turned it on and off and manually turned it on (both via the UI in the mobile app and device button), but got the same results. I expect this is a software bug, but was hoping someone out there has found a way to make it work.

I have never evperenced that, you may want to check your smartapps