Enerwave ZW20RM smart meter energy monitor not updating power usage quickly

I purchased the Enerwave ZW20RM wireless Z-wave in-wall smart meter energy monitor TR Duplex Receptacle,120VAC, 20Amp. Upon initially installing it it would update the power usage within a few seconds.

I am using it in my living room to control my ceiling fan. When I put the TV on and the power usage goes over xW the fan comes on and below xW the fan comes off.

However because its not updating quickly enough the fan doesn’t come on or off in a timely manner.

I have several z wave devices in the same room and they all work well.

Can anyone help?

You could try the polling smartapp. Pollster is what it is called. Search the forum. I don’t know if it is a released app. If not you can manually add it through the IDE.

Thanks for this. I will try it and see how it works out.