Enerwave ZW15R

(Jeff) #1

I have already successfully connected a good number of devices with good success… albeit with a good number of retries in order to get them added. However I am now trying to connect an Enerwave ZW15R to my ST v2 Hub and can’t get it to connect. I have read the accompanying instruction sheet and the support article in the iPhone ST app and tried multiple times the inclusion procedures outlined. Unfortunately I never see the ZW15R in the ST phone app so I can connect it.

The inclusion instructions that came with the ZW15R mention the blue lights will blink. I have never seen this despite following the directions.Any ideas on how to get this ZW15R outlet to connect?

(Jason Jellin) #2

Ever find a solution? Having same problem. Never found and no blue LED blinking.

(Jeff) #3

Never got any responses on this and never got it to work. At this point they are just sitting in my stache of home automation stuff.