Enerwave Z-Wave Plus ZWN-RSM1 slow to update status in app

I have an old house with wiring that sends mains to the ceiling fixtures, so these Enerwave Z-Wave Plus ZWN-RSM1 are perfect for me especially since they are cheaper and easier to install on 3-way applications.
Anyway, I have about 4 of these installed and I noticed when the physical switches are used, it takes a long time (sometimes 10 minutes or more) for the app on my phone to show the correct status of the light. I’m using the Z-Wave Switch Generic as the device type. Is there any way to correct this so I get a quicker response? Preferred device handler?

Not sure if you already resolved your issue, but I came across your post while trying to find a fix for same issue with my ZWN-RSM1 PLUS I just installed today…If you are still having trouble, try this handler, worked for me

I’m using this device handler. Still not updating right away

When I started using it, it didn’t send immediate updates…had to hit the configure button a few times. Out of curiosity, do you find any light response delays when you turn on/off via physical switch?

Tried hitting configure button quite a few times. Hasn’t helped. Still takes minutes to update. Responses from physical switch are pretty quick. Noticeable but negligible.