Enerwave Device Handler

Is there a specific device handler for the Enerwave ZWN-RSM1-Plus. This is the single relay. I installed it to control my bathroom exhaust fan/light. I have also installed the ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40 VER. 2.0 (Motion/Light/Temperature/Humidity). I am using Kevin’s [krlaframboise] device handler for the ZOOZ 4-in-1 Sensor. I set the sensor up with Humidity detection as the primary purpose of the sensor, (no secondary purpose at this juncture) . Both devices show up in the Classic ST App and communicate with the app fine. I have tried several device handlers for the Enerwave switch and I have also tried several smart apps to try to get the two devices to communicate. My intent is to get my exhaust fan/light to trigger on when the Relative Humidity exceeds 59% and then to trigger off when RH falls below 50%. No matter what I try I cannot get the Enerwave single relay to trigger based on the sensor feedback. Has anyone had any success that they would be willing to share with me so that I can push this project forward?

I do not believe the ZWN-RSM1-Plus is rated for running a motor. You might want to write to them find out if it can handle the load of your fan motor.

Thanks Brian. Will do.

The Broan Fan/Light model that I installed only draws 2.0 amps, and that is when it is equipped with a 100 watt light bulb. I am running it with a LED that draws about 12 watts. The ZWN-RSM1-Plus relay switch is rated for up to 10 amps. Therefore the relay should be fine in this application.