Enerwave contact sensor 100% battery

Hello everyone,

I have 1 Enerwave ZWN-BDS contact sensor that has been reporting 100% battery since I installed it back in Dec.

My other Iris contact sensors report battery of 86-88% so they seem OK to me.

I pulled the battery for 2 mins and that didn’t help

What is the next best option? Delete it and re-pair?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Toy4Rick, are you concerned that the Enerwave isn’t reporting battery level correctly? Depending upon how often it’s used, perhaps having it installed since December and it showing 100% isn’t wrong.

Hi John,

Yes I don’t think it’s right since it’s on our front door and used daily


It could be that your sensors stay at 100% until they hit another threshold, say 75%. Here’s their documentation on how battery reporting works:


Battery life is stated at a year, so maybe you should keep an eye out for battery level reports over the next few weeks since it’s just been since December?

Too bad these are sleepy devices and only wake up every 30 minutes. You could watch the live log for the device to see if you can catch any errors, but you may have to wait a long time, especially since battery level is sent only once a day.


I changed the battery to another device that was reporting 77%, the enerwave battery is now reporting 77% in another device. The other device that was reporting 77% is now reporting 100% in the enerwave device.

Clearly a defective device

I contacted Paul at Enerwave support and after several emails of troubleshooting… he stopped responding to me

NO MORE Enerwave for me, the device may be bad and the next one might be just fine, but with Paul no longer responding… I’m done