Energy Consumption Units - Samsung SmartThings Plug

Trying to figure how to correctly read the energy consumption section on the Samsung Smart Plug 2019.

In the overview, as you can see in the screenshot, for ‘Energy consumption’ it says 31.9 kWh

While if you dig in to it, (the bar chart below it) it shows 4,897.6, as being the highest of any given day over the last month.

Here’s readings from 5 random days throughout the month;

  1. 4,897.5
  2. 3,501.6
  3. 3,385.4
  4. 4,744.4
  5. 3,492.7

The two questions I have;

  • What unit is that, per day?
  • The Energy consumption’, where it says 31.9 kWh - is that across the entire month/30 days?

Some context - I’m trying to figure how much a certain item is costing me per month, so it seems I have 30 days worth of data - at least it seems like it in the breakdown - so I plan on tallying it all up, and getting an approx monthly cost.

FYI: The date shown at the bottom of the bar chart is UK style, to not through anyone off from the US!

7/31 is 31st of July
8/10 is 10th of August etc.

Surely, someone must have some idea, or point me in the right direction?

This is what confuses me further - this is another plug we have, (screenshot below). The breakdown per day, the units goes into the tens of thousands - i.e highest it’s been is 37,340.0.

But, I know that the power taken during that day, it can in no way be higher that the first plug I posted about (per day) (due to what’s connected to it).

Maybe this is another smaller unit?

Any and all help/guidance would be most certainly appreciated.

PS: My understanding of electrical measurement and units within is limited. I’ve tried to make sense of it with Google searches, (i.e kWh, Wh, watts, amps etc.) but the units I’m assuming for them to be, it doesn’t add up, to get to a kWh measurement - so I’m obviously looking at the wrong thing(s).

Can someone advise on a different web forum to ask this question, if this isn’t the correct place, please?


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