Energy bill virtual device?

I have multiple smart outlets around the house, my idea is to show how much is my current energy is costing me and present it as a tile in ActionTiles.
I’m not sure how to go on doing that, from what I understood I need to create a device handler for virtual energy meter.
from there i will make an app or use webCoRE to add the sum of all energy switches then multiply the sum with the tariff rate of my kwh and finally show that into actiontiles.
I’ve never written a DTH nor I have an idea how to establish it the follow up with CoRE.
I would really appreciate any help I could get.

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Look for similar and copy. Most licenses allow and it’s a great way to learn.

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You see that’s the thing, I looked and looked but there wasn’t anything for combined power meters… Then I looked into the average temperature app and wanted to go about the same but then there was a virtual thermostat but there wasn’t any virtual power meter or energy switch so I got stuck again…

Look at “Trendsetter”

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