Energy Alerts - Working?

I have ST hub v2, I tried using Energy Alerts on an Iris Smart Plug v2 (configured to report energy usage constantly) and on an Enerwave ZW15RM Smart Receptacle (configured to report energy usage constantly) and it has worked only once for a moment on the Iris Smart Plug. Earlier attempts failed and attempts after one success have failed. Frustrating. When it worked once, it reported with the expected screwed up language (“nil”).

Before I dive into frustrating detail on exactly what I did, does anyone have experience with this being difficult to get working and keep working? If so, what did you have to do to make it work?

I use energy alerts for monitoring when my washing machine and tumble dryers are finished. I use a virtual switch and have rules to trigger the switch on/off the switch if the power level goes above or below my threshold which is 20 watts. I have the switch action delayed by 4minutes and cancelable which gets rid of any false positives. My alerts the just triggered from the state of that virtual switch

@Fuzzyligic, thanks for the reply. I am working directly off these devices and controlling them directly locally so I have fast and uninterrupted performance. Maybe later I will consider a layer of remote processing for this.

Evidently I need to find some other SmartApp to leverage although this appeared the more obvious simple choice.

This is a core feature of home automation. It should work out of the box, or damn well close to it.