Anyone besides me using these batteries? I have them in my Aeon Multi but at a full charge it only detects 60% battery, and my Kwikset locks only detect 50% charge. I was thinking it was because of the lower mAh rating. Anyone have any insight?


I use the low discharge Eneloops on all but four of my devices. Of those four, two use CR2 batteries which have no rechargeable version I’m aware and two are disposable I wanted to compare with rechargeable. Most don’t seem to change at all, though they start off 100% or near 100%. If I remove them and insert them again they have a lower number, but that is the only way they seem to change. Interestingly, the only device that seems to be “accurate” is an Aeon Multi. I’m not overly concerned if status is not accurate until they get low. I haven’t had ST long enough to fully discharge any battery.

Looks like there have been CR2 chargers for some time. Anyone tried one of these:

I can’t stand using disposable batteries. I wish product manufacturers would support rechargeables better.