Emulate 2-way switch using Smart lights

I want to emulate a 2-way switch feature between 2 smart switches. I used smart lights smartapp to assign each switch to turn on/off the other. It works as expected the first few minutes: Turning on/off one physical switch would turn on/off the other light within a second or so.

However, after a few hours if I turn on/off one of the switches again, the other light won’t follow until several minutes later. I am guessing ganging the 2 switches to each other created an infinite loop which manifest itself in this quirky behavior.

What’d be a proper way to implement a 2-way switch?

I found this, sounds like this is what I need… I will try it tonight.

Meanwhile any comment and suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks! It’s good to have more than one option to try on. :slight_smile:

Your mentioning of “dim with me” prompted me to look into it, looks like there’s a version which doesn’t require 2 instances

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Not sure why you would have delay problem after a few hours. I use the ST smart lighting smartapps for this in a few places and don’t seem to have problem. I will only get this problem when I operate the switch ON then OFF or OFF to ON within a very short time frame. Usually less than a second or so. What I find is, long delay when the device is not using local processing or my internet is slow.

Edit : I did use dim with me before but the delay seem longer.

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With the “sync” smartapps I am still having the same issue. Your reply leads me to think may be ST has a polling issue with my switches.

Search cames up with this pollster "Pollster" - A SmartThings Polling Daemon

Will try it tonight…