Empire State building colors and Hue Lights


(Bobby) #1

Alexa recently added a skill to tell you what colors the Empire State building is displaying and that gave me an idea that would be nice to have an app that automatically changes the Hue bulb colors to match the building. Wouldn’t that be nice? I am sure it can be done if Alexa can tell you the colors…Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?


ok, I am not the first one who thinks that this would be cool:

(jotto) #2

Thanks for pointing out the new Alexa skill. It would be great if someone comes up with a way to do this.

Empire State building is right outside my living room window, if I could tie in my Hue lights to automatically match the ESB it would be awesome!!

(Alex Christensen) #3

I was thinking “That would be sort of neat in theory”. Your situation is not theory! That would look cool.

(Bobby) #4

If Philips provides the bulbs to ESB, Hue Labs might do it, although, there should be other ways…