Emerson Sensi thermostats

I’ve noticed that the Emerson Sensi is now available as a device in the new SmartThings app. I know there were some configurations that used to allow it to be used in the Classic app, but those broke some time ago. Have there been any new developments that allow use of the Sensi t-stat with the Classic app? Thanks.

Not to my knowledge. If you install through the new App, it should work in the Classic.

Thanks. I will have to try it more when I get home. I can add it through the new app but it never shows up. When I look in Classic, it’s there, but as a reading only, no control.

Same problem.

Anyone get it working in the new app?

Each time I try to add it, it claims it’s added to a room, but it never shows. Interestingly, it always first says it’s adding some other type of device.

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