Emergency furnace shut-off?

Any ideas on the best way to integrate an emergency shutoff switch w/ SmartThings? I prefer Z-Wave if at all possible.

Our furnace is not only the baseboard radiant heater (thermostat is an Ecobee3 already tied in) but also our hot water heater. In the even of a leak somewhere, I want to shut off water to the whole house (easy). Due to how our furnace works, the safe thing then is to also shut off the furnace so I’m looking for ideas on the best way to do that.

I assume you have an existing shutoff switch? I don’t know if there’s anything that makes it different from a regular lightswitch (except the red switch plate) - you could just replace it with a Z-wave toggle switch, or (if that makes you slightly uncomfortable, as it does me) you could install a motorized switch cover like a Switchmate (bluetooth) or EcoLink TLS-ZWAVE5 (Z-wave).

new home boilers are usually 24VAC, so he could need a relay in there somewhere, like Fortrezz MIMOlite mounted at the boiler.

I don’t think a Zwave switch at the boiler emergency shutoff on the wall, will work. It’s a safety circuit. Don’t do it.

I kinda like the piggyback switch idea - probably has easy manual override/reset too. Last emergency shutoff I had though, had a terribly strong detente, something like 4-5 pound pull - I would not expect all Zwave piggyback switches to be compatible with that.

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