Embue - HVAC Control

Just saw this pop up on Kickstarter and thought I would share.

Direct HVAC control with sensors for each room which is something I wish NEST would add.

Interesting, looks like it uses Zigbee to talk to the modules. Their device specs list IEEE 802.15.4, and it works with Zigbee electrical meters.

802.15.4 is the base standard and ZigBee is the protocol that sits on top. It could also be using 6lopan or some custom thing.

Would be worth it to find out though :stuck_out_tongue:


Will user facing zigbee communication be possible through something like SmartThings?

Their reply:

Hi Brad,

we’re offering an API but had planned to make it a RESTful-based interface. We’re a big supporter of standards and will certify our product for ZigBee HA 1.2 but many of the additional features we’ve build couldn’t be accessed through standard profile messages. Did you have a specific use case or integration in mind? Would love to know how you’re thinking to use it.

We’re also keeping track of preferred integration partners. Hearing another vote for SmartThings.



We have often talked about there not being a need for a Thermostat in the traditional sense and like the distributed sensor approach. There is no reason you couldn’t set this up with SmartThings right now with a connected thermostat and some SmartSense Multis. You would need to write a SmartApp to read the temperatures across all of them and send the signals but that’s “just a simple matter of programming.” :smile:

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Good point Ben! With temp and presence sensors duplicating just about all of this functionality shouldn’t be that difficult.

I do like the way those devices look however, and it would be nice to NOT have a Thermostat on the wall.

I kinda disagree. I like having a tactile display that is physical interaction and display.

@urman That is called your phone

Looks like they’ve announced connected/controllable vents: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1606462593/rest-easy-weve-got-your-hvac-covered/posts/881597