EMBRACE+ this could be a wearable notification bar

I just recently seen an project on Kick Starter called EMBRACE+



The Embrace+ is a FASHION ACCESSORY with true FUNCTIONALITY!Whether you are in the middle of a workout or meeting, you’ll always be notified about important calls and messages. You can customizenotifications with colors that match your style and save them in a profile."
It would be great team up. There could be apps that could be designed that if someone was at your door or opened your door, I could get a visual notification. It would bring the everyday object into lighted notification. Another could be, with using maps, depending on how far you are from you house, it could let you know if you left your garage door open on your wrist which would be in perfect view point. One more, but I have a few. With the water sensor that notifies if you have a leak in the basement, it would be awesome to have an emergency indicator. I could see these two products working together.

It looks really neat. It would depend on how it works. From what I gather it seems to be using local notification settings on the respective device? Or what I would assume?

I do love this:

The Embrace+ is the result of an idea that we came up with during a night out over a couple of drinks last summer.
Glad they didn't decide on opening a bar like I do with my friends!