Hey guys looking for some help, got the Emberlight from Kickstarter it basically turns any bulb into a smartbulb using a smart socket, can someone show me, or possibly make a device type so I can integrate with Smartthings if I can get an api?

Hi Derrek. Help me understand this product a little better. In essence it’s an adapter for e27 bulbs that converts them into smart bulbs?

For $49 it seems wildly expensive. Why not get e27 bulbs from hue, osram or lifx which are already integrated? They will also not make your light bulbs pop out an extra few centimetres

Uses Bluetooth

Yes pretty much converts any bulb. It was a Kickstarter when it started there were no smart bulbs, of course it took years to deliver, and now it’s here, of course now I’m stuck with 8 off them unless they offer returns and refunds which have been ignored so I’m trying to make the best out of it and integrate somehow

You also agree then that it’s pretty useless just as easy to replace bulb with a cree or ge bulb? I can’t find any benefit to the Emberlight

I didn’t realise the product was a few years old. Someone might be able to help you integrate them but it’s almost wasted time. Sorry

Emberlight has an IFTTT channel so you could get some indirect access that way. For certain things that may work, but not for direct items such as turning on a light when you open a door. There would likely be too much delay.

Yeah I backed in 2014 it just got shipped. Anyone receive it? Should I try and get refund at this point, i can’t find a benefit over any smart bulb, and one more thing that doesn’t talk the same language or integrate and my wife will have it and throw all this “smart” stuff out the window, with Smartthings and Alexa I’ve gotten some acceptance!

If emberlight’s android app can handle direct commands, you could use an android ‘control’ tablet running Tasker and sharptools to integrate it with smartthings. Insteon, for example, allows url string commands. Other systems accept android ‘intent’ commands. I have no experience with the emberlight app, but you might want to explore those options.

Does anyone have/still use their Emberlight?