Elvessupply.com trustworthy?

I’m looking to buy the new Jasco 45712 in-wall dimmer. I found it relatively cheap at


Does anything know about this retailer or have any experience with them? Thanks.

It could be legit. Too new to know. Nothing on BBB or reseller ratings. Personally, I think not worth saving a couple dollars until someone else takes the risk for you.

Well… they have a physical address and a D&B rating. They accept PayPal so I see little to no risk.

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5 stars and excellent service for ELVESsupply.com from me.

ELVESsupply.com has value…I buy quite a bit from the ELVES at ELVES supply as the pricing on their parts is far less than the other online stores. Even the part you are looking at is 15% less than anyone else and it’s a great example. To add to that they have a Loyalty Rewards Points Program (https://www.elvessupply.com/Loyalty-Rewards-Points-Program_df_18.html) which adds on another 1% of future savings.

ELVESsupply.com makes me feel confident when I buy from them…The entire site of ELVESsupply.com uses Extended Validation SSL (EV-SSL) Secure Certificate aka Green Padlock(https://www.elvessupply.com/Extended-Validation-SSL-EV-SSL-Secure-Certificate-aka-Green-Padlock_df_16.html) which protects you (https://trustsealinfo.websecurity.norton.com/splashform_file=fdf/splash.fdf&dn=www.elvessupply.com&lang=en) and your information at every step of the shopping process. Most sites ONLY
protect checkout however ELVESsupply.com protects every page! That shows me that they are serious about the customers that shop with them. As scottinpollock mentioned above they are D&B Verified (https://www.dandb.com/verified/business/565739614/) and also a D&B Platinum Service Member (https://www.dandb.com/businessdirectory/distributorsemarketingllc-minnetonka-mn-5494976.html/)

ELVESsupply.com has the largest selection you will find of parts in this industry…According to their site ELVESsupply advertises over 1,200,000 products online from over 4,000 manufacturers in over 22,000 categories and has over $1+ billion in inventory ready to ship today. Obviously I haven’t purchased that much from them however I do like that they sync there stock to ELVESsupply.com and you will see “In Stock” when it’s in stock. When they don’t have stock you will see its “Preorder” and they will Preorder it in for you. One other thing they do is always ship from their closest of 100+ locations in the lower 48 United States to me. I have ordered before at 5PM and received it the next morning only paying ground rate. Now that’s service!

ELVESsupply.com has a convenient site… The ELVESsupply.com site is built on a modern responsive design which means whatever device you are using like desktop/laptop computer, tablet, or mobile it formats properly to the screen and its blazing fast! To add to that the reps that answer their email are literally only a few minutes away from replying to your email.

In terms of value, selection, convenience, and confidence do any other sites even come close?

Well… how about that?

While I had no reservations about elvessupply previously, this guy having just joined this forum, seemingly for the sole purpose of posting the above spammy diatribe has left such a bad taste in my mouth that now I’d go out of my way to avoid them.

Some folks just don’t get it. )c:

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was going to delete that post, but its so bad its worth keeping around for some laughs.


I have to quote it just to keep it around in case it does get deleted. One of the best spammings I’ve seen in awhile. Nice job @mhensbly !


Wow, for future reference when you are trying to sound more legit you would have thrown up way less flags by just saying. I’ve bought from them and had a good experience.

If you buy from them, use paypal so you can get your money back if it’s a scam, and so you’re not giving your credit card company to someone you don’t know.

Even better for $3 more you can get it from Lowes.

why does ELVES need to be capitalized?

Makes them feel taller.


This isn’t the same product, I was looking for a good place to order the successor to the Jasco 45612. I see it here but the the shipping cost is killing it for now: http://www.homecontrols.com/Jasco-Z-Wave-Wireless-Lighting-Control-Dimmer-Switch-JA45712

@mhensbly’s response seems spammy but I do not think it is. I have looked into this company and believe it to be a fine place to purchase from. Hey, it is Minnesota-based and sells Samsung products so obviously they are doing some good things :smile:

Hopefully @mhensbly can respond and clear up that he is in fact a customer. (I have re-enabled his account). And maybe he can clean up his post so the links work and aren’t just a bunch of URLs.

In any case, I’ve just ordered from them and the experience has been good so far even including the friendly message (very Minnesotan) after checkout and payment.

It’s unfortunate because this thread did have some influence. I ended up using homecontrols.com and I have already went back to them again for another round of purchases. I have no complaints so far.

Package came the day after I ordered it (actually 12 hours later). That is pretty dang fast despite me not choosing any expedited shipping options. I’d say I’ve had an overall good experience front to end. You’re welcome for me being the guinea pig. :slight_smile:

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