ELRO Connects K1 Smartapp

Hello, Does anybody knows is there is a smartapp for the ELRO Connects K1 hub?

Info: https://www.elro.eu/en/elro-connects-k1-smoke-detector-kit-sf400s

I have the smoke dectors and would love to connect them with my ST hub :slight_smile:

(First, I’m pretty sure you are looking for a device type handler (DTH), not a smartapp. )

Looks like a proprietary system that doesn’t integrate with anything else, unfortunately. :disappointed_relieved:

There is someone who reverse engineered the protocol using python to allow a UDP connection, but you can’t do that with smartthings directly so essentially you would have to build your own integration on a different device like a raspberry pi and then use the smartthings webhook architecture for integration. So it’s not impossible, but it’s going to be a lot of work, require A lot of technical expertise, require additional devices, Still require the elro base station, and you would still end up with a cloud to cloud integration.

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