Eligibility for SmartThings certification


I am Ilia, the CPO at LEV, and I am inquiring about the eligibility criteria for SmartThings certification for our dog-centric platform. LEV is a platform that connects dog owners with each other, pet-friendly establishments, and dog care services through an interactive map. We aim to use SmartThings technology for real-time tracking of dog-related items through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Are we eligible for SmartThings certification and what are the next steps in the process?


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Hi, welcome to the SmartThings Community, @iardab!

Based on your description, I have some follow-up questions:

  1. Do you manufacture real-time tracking devices and do you have a platform where people can see their pet’s location?
  2. If so, do you mean you want to certify those devices as WWST and for them to be used in the SmartThings Find app?

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Hi @nayelyz!

We are building a platform that connects dog owners and aims to use Bluetooth tags to track dog-related items and provide real-time location information to the pet owner in case their dog is lost. One of the features of the platform is to notify the community of nearby dog owners to help return the pet home.

Regarding the certification process, LEV is not the manufacturer of the tags, but is looking to collaborate with a third-party white-label manufacturer to produce them. If you have a list of WWST certified manufacturers, LEV would consider them first to avoid going through the entire certification process.