Electric Baseboard thermostat control via ST

Hi Rick,

The eco() and comfort() commands that you requested are not included in the Device Handlers that were posted on github.

Feel free to add them yourself if you wish to.

Allright… But did you update the code with those commands for approval and integration with ST?

No the submitted code for ST is the one currently in github

I spent about a half a day going through all of the posts here and i tell you what, this is a smart group of peeps putting their heads together here. So for that i thank you!

I got here because i am trying to find a smart thermostat for my electric floor heating (with floor sensor). There are a couple of wifi versions out there (nuheat and warmly-yours) but they dont fit my requirements. Based on what i read here i think it is possible to find the right device. Here is what i am looking for:
-ST compatible(or able to com with ST via API or zwave/zigbe/etc)
-110v operable (my system uses 815w @ 7A)
-should take a 2 wire floor sensor

What do you guys think i could piece together to achieve above requirements ?

I echo @AlexT’s post 100%. I have the exact same use case (Nuheat floor heating with a two-wire floor sensor), and I am looking for a thermostat that can be interfaced with SmartThings. I would have thought that there would be many others out there with similar requirements, and that by now (i.e. 2017) there would be at least one (if not several) options already out there on the market. But after spending half a day reading through various threads like @AlexT, there appears to be only two categories of thermostats out there for consumers in the U.S., and neither seems to fit the bill:

  1. Thermostats that are compatible with SmartThings but that do not support floor sensors (e.g. Sinopé, Stelpro Ki, Mysa, etc.)
  2. Thermostats that are not compatible with SmartThings but that do support floor sensors (e.g. Nuheat, Warmly-Yours, etc.)

Is there really no such thing as a SmartThings compatible floor-heating thermostat that supports a floor sensor?

Sinope makes a floor heating version of their thermostat…


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I do have the sinope in floor thermostat and it’s working great with ST. Not direct integration but through the sinope gateway with a community DTH.

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@gwydionjhr & @Navat604: Thank you so much for setting me straight! Because of the way the Sinopé homepage is laid out, I had mistakenly landed on their traditional line voltage thermostats, and so I quickly dismissed the company when I saw that the TH1120RF did not support floor sensors—I had completely missed the TH1300RF.

Placing an order now—can’t wait to try it out!

Thanks again!

Just to be clear. You will need the Sinopé gateway for Internet access and ST integration.

Heh… thank you, @Navat604. I did manage to piece that together, but I appreciate the clarification nonetheless :slight_smile:

@Navat604 & @gwydionjhr: I see that there are at least two DTHs out there — one written by infofiend, and one from Sinopé proper. Which one do you use? Any particular reason?

The one by @infofiend is more up-to-date and way better.


Hello J-F,

any news on the release of the updated handler for the Z-Wave models?

Hi Paul,

Sadly, no.
SmartThings has some higher priority before they can address our update.

Be sure that I will gladly announce the update once it’s deployed

Hey J-F,

thanks for the fast reply.

That is indeed too bad. I understand that you are doing your best but unfortunately it is a situation that is not very helpful to your company. I own and really like your Z-Wave model and to complete my setup, I would need to add another 3. But I am reluctant to do so since everything seems to have stalled.
I would have expected to not only have the new handler fully supported, but also to be well into new features by now. It’s been 6 months. That is a lifetime in smart home world.

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Hi Paul,

Just in case you didn’t know, I published the code of the updated device handlers on github since SmartThings was taking so much time to update the official device handler on the platform.

You may use this with your Stelpro Ki Z-Wave thermostat.

Thanks again,

Hello again J-F

I have the version you posted, and I do see the arrow icons, but they do not work. I can set the setpoint through Alexa and also through Google Home, I even have a virtual switch that works. But in it’s own panel in Smartthings, I can’t adjust the setpoints.

Hey J-F,

never mind. I found the problem. Apparently the device handler did not update properly. I created a new one with the code you posted and it’s all working now.

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Well, it would appear that I do have a problem after all. After upgrading to the latest version of the device handler yesterday, everything was working. This afternoon, I can no longer adjust the setpoint from the Smartthings app.
I can still adjust the setpoint from Google Home, Alexa and even ActionTiles. But no with it’s own app.