Electric Baseboard thermostat control via ST

Allright, thanks for the update!

I just wrote to ST Support, trying to put some pressure (if it really helps) about the DH modification…

Is this a legitimate listing for the new Zigbee model?

I was under the impression that it wasn’t available yet.

Mmm, if it is, then it is awfully described.
The thermostat CANNOT do Z-Wave and ZigBee, there is a Z-Wave model and a ZigBee model.
Both are available, but I wasn’t aware that it was sold online yet.

I will forward this listing to our marketing department to have it fixed.

In short, Stelpro offers two connected line-voltage thermostat
STZW402+ : Z-Wave Plus thermostat (no Off mode, no support for Fan-Forced heater)
STZB402+: ZigBee thermostat (Off mode and Fan-Forced heater supported)

Stelpro wrote device handlers for SmartThings for each model but the ZigBee version is not yet published by SmartThings

Hi @rschandl,

After reviewing with our marketing department, this is not a legitimate listing for our new ZigBee model.

The new Ki ZigBee thermostat (STZB402+) is not yet available online.
I fear that if you order one of these right now, you will receive a Z-Wave thermostat.

Thank you for pointing that out!

Has anyone tried getting these to work using Google Home? I have three of these in my bedroom set up under one room on Google Home. If I ask GH to “set the heat in the bedroom to xxx degrees” it responds that it changed the temperature of 3 thermostats to xxx degrees. If I look in the Smartthings App immediately after it shows the correct xxx degree setpoint, but the thermostats themselves are unchanged. Hitting the refresh button in the Smartthings App refreshes the GUI back to the unchanged temperature setpoint. Looking at the events in Smartthings IDE it looks like GH commands create a “heatingsSetPoint” event which updates the GUI but does not create a “thermostatSetpoint” event which I assume is the event which actually changes the physical thermostat’s setting. Fyi, using Stelpro Ki STZW402WB+ thermostats.

The steps listed here are more detailed and easier to follow than what you have included on GitHub FWIW.

The new model is now displayed on the Stelpro Website:

Any idea where we can buy it?

That is an interesting comment because this is the vendor I bought mine from a few weeks ago and I got the Zigbee models. I returned them and found a Z-wave that is working beautifully.

Hi @Meynardo,

Are you telling me that you got ZigBee models from the listing above?

Correct. I ordered 2 and I got the Zigbee version even when the listing was still describing the Z-wave specs. I am still in the process of returning them but in the meantime, I found the Z-wave version on a different website and it’s working great.

Edit: that was not this specific listing, but this one instead:

I would actually prefer the Zigbee version since its programmable offline, but not sure where to find them in Quebec, Canada.

The Stelpro KI ZigBee thermostat (STZB402) will be officially launched very shortly.
At first, it will be available to our electric distributors then it will be sold online on Amazon.ca by Stelpro.

Regarding the other listing, it appears that a small quantity of the ZigBee thermostat was sold previously, but mass production is not yet started.

Do the Stelpro thermostats work with electric radiant heat?

Hi @dama,

Since a radiant heater does not heat the air, but the objects/person in the room; and the Stelpro thermostats measure the air temperature, there will be a lack of performance in the temperature control.

That being said, the Stelpro thermostat should work with electric radiant heater.
Make sure that you do not exceed the limit of 4000W.

However, do not expect the same control and precision as with baseboard heaters.

Merci bcq pour l’info!

Hi, Everyone!

My team and I have been working on a Smart Learning Thermostat specifically for electric baseboard heaters and will work with SmartThings. You can learn more about it at www.getmysa.com.

Mysa uses machine learning code to optimise itself for comfort or energy efficiency, or you can remotely control it through another home automation tool. We’re still in development and maybe you need something today - but we’re launching our product this fall and are taking pre-orders now.

Thanks for listening and even if you don’t pre-order I would love some feedback!

Hello everybody!.
I got today sinope thermostat and 125 web interface. Installed it but it shows incorrect
temperature of the room, and energy consumption even more then with old thermostat.
Don’t see any energy saving. Tomorrow gonna return the product. Gonna try something else.
If somebody have any idea what is the best in the market today for electric baseboard?

How exactly do you figure the energy consumption is “even more” than the old thermostat?

Hi J-F,

I guess there’s still no news for :

add eco() and comfort() as commands and get ST to update your DH?
DH for the new Zigbee model?

I tested the new Zigbee model with the DH you posted and it works great… ST just need to integrate it so it’s detected automatically.

As for the eco() and comfort() commands, does the DH on the Stelpro github account has those modifications? I could take the code and install that Custom DH and replace the DH for all my thermostats so I can use right away those commands?