Elderly alert when no movement during a time period... Help

OK, hope you can follow this… I understand that Groovy went away and the previous SmartApp that alerted me for no movement went away. No problem I think… because there appears to be a “Routine” condition for motion detectors for “No Motion” and it’s pretty easy to set up. But what I believe I’m seeing is that the “No Motion” condition from the detector is only activated after an immediately preceding “Motion Detected” state (e.g., first “Motion Detected” and then “No Motion”). And the Routine condition checking appears to actually be looking for a “No Motion” condition, rather than the absence of “Motion Detected” over a period of time. This is absurd, since with this processing there’s no way to watch/detect for no movement over a period of time. Am I assessing this properly? Has anyone been able to set up Routine that detects for no movement over a period of time? Thanks in advance!!!

Choose “No motion” and then toggle the switch at the bottom for “Stays this status for how long?”. If you choose 10 min for example, it will trigger after 10 minutes of no motion being set unless a different change (e.g. motion) occurs.

@TAustin has a good writeup on how to use his Edge Counter driver to achieve what you are trying to do. Check out his post Notify someone if NO movement within a period of time


BYS… Thanks for the quick response ! I believe I tried that and it did not work (though I will try again).

I believe the reason it does not work is because the Routine is specifically looking for the motion detector to send a “No Motion” status which only happens after motion is detected and then stops. So if there is no movement during the time period then a “No Motion” condition is never sent and the routine never executes.

Thanks, TAustin… I’ll check it out.

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Presumably if there is movement, then the person is up and about and ok and the motion sensor will have to detect motion at some point in time. So, once you have the Edge Counter installed and set up as described, then turning on the Edge counter device it will run continuously and be reset to zero by routines that detect movement. So let’s say I want to monitor for no movement from 8am to 11pm.

If 8am and Location mode is “somebody is home”
Turn on counter
If 11pm and Location mode is “somebody is home”
Turn off counter

If counter duration reaches 15 mins
Send a text message to somebody

If Movement detected on Sensor X or Sensor Y or Sensor Z
Reset counter

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Thanks, h0ckeysk8er… I read the post and I need to figure out to use the Edge driver.

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I’m not sure why any counters are needed. I use the simple method mentioned above to figure out when nobody is in the room and turn off the lights. I just check for 2 hours of “no motion”. Works fine for me. Any movement resets the clock in the routine.

Because using this method, you don’t need to have a “Motion detected” event to trigger a “No motion detected” event. You start from the presumption there is no motion detected and reset the counter only when motion is detected.

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Ok. I assume you’ll have the motion at some point, even testing it out. After it occurs at least once, the rest seems unnecessary. In any case, glad you guys have a solution.