Elder Care Routine?

Now that groovy and groovy SmartApps is going away, my elder care smartapp is going to stop working.

Can someone make a SmartThings Elder Care routine work on the app.

I have this routine installed on the phone app, but it only runs one time and stops. It won’t repeat.

It’s also not as reliable as the Groovy IDE SmartApp.

If (my iPhone) At My home (precondition) and Ecolink Motion Sensor No motion for 10 Hours. Then Alert text message “Someone is home and has not moved in 10 hours.”

I want the precondition, because I don’t want to send messages that I haven’t moved in 10 hours if I’m not at home for the motion detector to see me.

I want the message and routine to repeat because the first text message may be overlooked.

I tried to make this work with virtual contact devices on and off, but I can’t make that work either.