Editing Automations & Scenes in iOS ST Ver 1.6.68-523

Maybe it’s just me but I find that if/when creating or editing Automations or Scenes, the only way to re-order the sequence of actions/conditions is to basically delete most everything and start from scratch. I find it very frustrating that I cannot just Tap and Hold an Action or Condition line item and move it up or down and set up everything in the exact sequence I want. Tap and hold is available for the Favorites, Devices, Life (except for the appliance sales ads) and Automations pages .You can also rearrange Rooms Tap and Hold so why not for creating and/or editing Automations or Scenes? I have submitted this request and received the following:

“I would like to thank you for your suggestions regarding the automation feature. As of now, the tap and hold feature for moving actions/conditions in an automation isn’t available. However, we take this as a feature request and I’ll make sure it reached to the developer team…”

I would ask that everyone who reads this post submit a “feature request” for Tap and Hold to be incorporated for creating and/or Automations and Scenes. Hopefully if they receive enough requests they will add it.