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Edit limits?

Yeah a lot of what I have learnt and brought me to ST in the first place is through JD.

Well, at least this time they’re only making me wait one hour.

Seriously, guys, some of this is an ADA issue. People who use voice recognition software have to make a lot of edits. It’s just the nature of the process. We need to listen to the text playback from the beginning, and there’s no easy way to get to the beginning without saving and opening again.


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And then this:

OK, message received.

HLV! :sunglasses:

max edits per day is set to 30 here, which is our default. this is configurable by site admins here like @April

Thanks Sam!

@JDRoberts . Just for you, we changed it to a bit more. Now you have to do roughly 3x the edits to get that message now. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks!

This is what the ADA refers to as a “reasonable accommodation” for a person with a disability. :sunglasses: Minor policy change, doesn’t inconvenience anybody else, but acknowledges that sometimes the issues are little different.


@April as suggested posting here. Something changed recently, I’m not longer able to edit some my older posts. I usually keep the first post in a topic as a summary post of the thread etc. I could edit this till last week, this week I don’t see the edit button anymore.
Can this be reenabled please?

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This is controlled by post edit time limit in site settings @April

It is there to avoid hidden abuse, for example someone could start editing all the posts they created 7 years ago to junk (or spam) and the edits will go unnoticed.

@sam_saffron good point but on the flip side given the nature of a forum (esp popular threads) it can go into hundreds/thousands of posts. For Devs like myself being able to edit the first post is a way to keep things organized. Is there a way to provide the option to edit only the first post for the thread or have say thread owners the ability to their threads for an unlimited time?

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@sam_saffron - a request, can you please enable the option to edit the first posts of the thread.

This is starting to get me too.

There’s obviously a six-month limit on being able to edit posts, and that’s just not long enough given how technology changes.

For example, harmony, echo, Phillips hue, and LIFX, all have completely different integration today than they had six months ago. Plus the fact that the mobile apps are all completely different now.

We need to be able to edit Our old posts for at least a year.


Guys, sorry I missed this - I can only stop by once in a while now, as my role has changed. Slagle, can you figure this out?

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All set guys, gave you 1.5 years :smile:

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So, what is the maximum edit limit for a post?

There are two separate edit limits that I know of. One is the number of times you’re allowed to edit per day, and the other is the age of the post. But I don’t think there’s any limit on the total number of times you can edit an individual post other than those two. I’ve gone back into some of the FAQs many times. :sunglasses:


Great! and thanks @JDRoberts honestly I can’t even count the number of times you’ve given me the exact info I am looking for. YOUR AMAZING.


That’s because I’ve learned to only answer questions that I have a verifiable answer for. :wink:


But you see, you have a verifiable answer to 99% of the threads on here :grin:

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Not true! I don’t answer any questions about coding (Because I rely on text to speech, I can’t follow groovy at all). :flushed:

And while I will enter into discussions of device specs (such as whether a GE master switch can support four auxiliaries or five), I don’t comment on specific wiring instructions for any individual projects, other than occasionally mentioning that it can be helpful to bring in an electrician if you don’t know what a load line is. :wink:

The part I like

I like the devices themselves. I like seeing what engineering decisions were made in their design, including what the designers gave up in order to meet their target price point. I like exploring why a particular device meets a specific use case better than a competitor device. In fact, this is probably the area where I can be most helpful to other people in the forums, just because most people find all of that stuff really boring. So I like discussions that lay out the options in a compare and contrast way so that the OP can make their own decision based on their own needs and preferences.

As I think about it, I think that’s probably what I enjoy the most about SmartThings–its versatility usually means that there are at least three or four different ways to solve any one problem, and people can really customize the solutions to get just what they want. Even if what they want is a solution that requires a minimal amount of effort on their part. :sunglasses:

Choice is good

Presence is a perfect example. Many systems don’t use presence at all, and of the ones that do I’d say about 80% of them only give you one choice for how you can define home/away.

With smartthings you can use The native phone presence, an external service like life 360, the zigbee fob, One of the iris devices, your own Wi-Fi, an I Beacon, a virtual presence sensor triggered by pretty much anything you want, etc.

I don’t know any other system, at any price point, that gives you that many presence choices. And for me, the really interesting part is that most people will only pick one of those choices. But different people will pick different ones.

That’s my favorite kind of consumer product engineering. Multiple good alternative solutions that offer different features so that people can find the one that fits their particular use case.

Anyway, those are the conversations that you’ll most likely find me in. But there’s a lot of topics I don’t get into at all. To each his own. :heart_eyes: