Edge Zigbee Device Fingerprint Matching

Hi, @MartynWendon, sorry for the delay.
Thank you for sharing your results.
I wasn’t able to replicate the issue but I shared your comments with the engineering team to see if they find something in the logs you submitted.
I’ll let you know when they provide their feedback.


Hi, @MartynWendon
Reading your comment again, I see you mentioned your device is connected to a Zigbee driver but when you try to delete it, a Z-Wave removal starts. It shouldn’t happen if your device has type: “Zigbee”…

This was when the device wasn’t getting matched to my device driver, it was getting matched as a “Zigbee Thing”.

When trying to remove that device from the iOS App it starts the Z-Wave removal.

It seems to be reproduceable for me:

  1. Start from a fresh hub, no custom device drivers
  2. Pair a Zigbee device that loosely fingerprint matches (via Clusters) a built-in device driver (in my case this was the HumidityTempGeneric - SmartThingsEdgeDrivers/drivers/SmartThings/zigbee-humidity-sensor/fingerprints.yml at main · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub
  3. The built-in device driver is now downloaded onto the hub and the device is assigned to it
  4. Remove the device
  5. Add a custom device driver that now explicitly matches the device fingerprint
  6. Pair the device
  7. The built-in loosely matched device driver is stlll prefered even though a custom device driver that explicitly matches is now available

The only way that seems to remedy this is to either -

  1. Manually switch the device driver in the App (which then has issues since any initial configuration during pairing in the custom device driver doesn’t run).
  2. Remove the device, delete the downloaded built in device driver, reboot the hub and then pair the device again.

Hi, @MartynWendon

The engineering team deployed a fix for this issue, please let us know if you see it again.