[Edge] Virtual Scene Switcher, more than a fun way to cycle through scenes

Since this tool can do too many things, and more coming :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, I’m publishing tips or small tutorials from time to time like the blinker few comments above. Eventually will link them in the first post.

Tutorial: Make any button multi-tap capable

You can add double-tap, triple-tap and more to most buttons compatible with a SmartThings hub. Supports all single-tap buttons as well as buttons with native double-tap to extend them to triple-tap and beyond.

Follow instructions in first post to install the driver and create the first Switcher if you haven’t already.

  1. In your button, assign the Pressed action to the Register Pressed action of the Switcher. If your button has native double-tap, do the same with Double Pressed and Register Double action.

  2. Done! :grin: Now you can create multi-tap routines depending on the Switcher’s active scene number. Scene 1 is single-tap, 2 double-tap, etc.

  3. Depending on the button and your preferences you may need to fine-tune the multi-tap emulation. In Switcher settings the relevant tweaks are:

  • Number of scenes: that’s the maximum multi-tap sequence. If you only want up to double-tap pick 2, for triple-tap 3, etc. It will make the longest sequence trigger earlier without waiting for more taps.
  • Multi-tap waiting time: this is how long the driver will wait for the next tap to consider it part of the sequence. You may need to increase it if your button has native double-tap or inbuilt debouncing and set it to around 1000 milliseconds.

The experience may vary: some buttons implement debouncing and will just ignore multiple consecutive taps if performed fast. Find a tapping pace that works with your button, maybe increase the waiting time too.

Edit: The virtual button in dashboard introduced later also supports multi-tap, just pick Multi-tap: N-tap for Scene N in the Dashboard button action settings. The window in that case is fixed.