[EDGE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Those are images from ST tools, namely the CLI and the Advanced Web App. Seems completely appropriate since people were asking how to change codes when using your driver.

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The best way to edit codes for now is to use the SLGA app if it’s available in your region. Otherwise use the ST advanced web interface to rename and create codes. There are more features and apps in the works which will make it easier in future.

@RBoy - thanks for the answer. My challenge is that I cannot see any codes once they have been created. In your past SmartApp, I could go review the codes to see what was assigned to each person. For example, a friend that hasn’t used the code for a while might ask “what was my code again?”. I have no way to answer without simply creating a new code.

And I have some codes that I know will be used in the future, but with the updates they now just simply say “code 1” or “code 2” so I don’t know who I assigned them to until they use it.

I looked through the ST Advances Web Interface and saw all of the executables from in there, but it seems that once I create a code, unless I write it down at that point there is no way to go back to view it again.

Hopefully your app updates can solve this problem as well!


There is no app or tool that shows you the actual lock codes stored in the lock at the moment. Only way to know which code is assigned to which slot is to enter the code on the keypad and see which code slot number says unlocked it.

@RBoy, well now I’ve gone and excluded the lock, hoping to include it fresh, and now when pairing, it only comes back as a ‘zwave switch’.
The inclusion doesn’t complete, as I have no DSK to enter when prompted (I either lost it, or this lock never had one. It’s on a short-term-rental apartment, and I very possibly removed the DSK sticker from inside the lock ‘for security’).
So when prompted for the DSK, I exit, hoping it will complete ‘without security’ and the hub then decides the lock’s a zwave switch.
I tried bringing the hub to within 8 feet of the lock, with no joy. The buffer device is about 15 feet away from the lock. Is it better to bring the buffer device closer, rather than the hub?
How do I get the device to be recognized as a zwave lock? I’ve tried changing it through the online device management that Samsung offers, but it tells me the fingerprint is incorrect.
Thanks again.

Boo. I hope that changes at some point. It was so nice in the old RBOY app to be able to see and manage the codes.

This isn’t driver related, pairing is handled by the hub firmware. You should be able to force it to use any driver you want after it pairs. What’s your lock model?

Check in the ST Advanced Web App or the community developed ST API Browser+ and see what the device’s Manufacturer’s Code (fingerprint) is. My guess is that it’s all zeros because you are bypassing the S2 security. API Browser+ can also show you the Z-Wave NW Security Level.

Bob, Thanks for the replay. I’m not seeing it. Using a Yale YRL220 and running the app on an Android phone.

It’s right there ↓



Thank you. I completely missed that.

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Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Lock Driver - v20230803

  • Added option to read codes/tags from lock (use the reloadAllCodes command from the Advanced Web UI to manually trigger it).
  • Added option to show (or hide through device settings) the pin code set for each user and slot. It can track codes set via SmartThings (SLGA, Advanced Web UI, RLA, LUM etc) or set/deleted directly on the lock itself (including RFID tags). For locks which don’t report codes (e.g. some Schlage locks), when the code is set directly on the lock itself it will show up as a *
  • Fix an issue related to Automations when using action methods (RFID, Manual, Keypad, Bluetooth, Remote etc)
  • Fixed more issues related to the stock z-wave lock driver code management

You can create custom rules and automations via user names, user slots and action types and more.

Please make sure that your lock is within 20ft of a buffering device/repeater for best performance and reliability.


  • This version of enhanced driver is only available via the new platform Drivers license (refer to website for details). If you have an active subscription, the new driver will be automatically pushed to your hub within 24 hours
  • Refer to the previous release notes for more driver details. These features are not available in the Legacy Migration drivers.
  • See the first post for a full list of available features

Copyright (c) RBOY APPS

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Nice additions!

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I agree! Can’t wait to get the driver pushed to my hub so I can view my codes LOL :slight_smile: I am sure I need to delete some.

You can force the update using the ST CLI using the command “smartthings edge:drivers:install”, selecting the appropriate channel, and then the driver.

Thank you! Boy, that is a confusing site, and I think I might wait. I can’t even see where to use a command. I think I will wait :slight_smile:

I do have another question, and thank you for being so knowledgable! In the ST Advanced devices, there is a “firmwarecheck” and “firmwareupdate” command. Is there a way to know if the firmware is current, or can I assume that I can do both without an issue?

My lock doesn’t have upgradeable firmware so I don’t see that command.

SmartThings does not support zwave firmware updates at this time. Even so the manufacturer needs to submit the firmware to ST and they will push it automatically to the devices via the drivers.

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That’s my usual method and I tried it twice today and there was no update. I’ll check again tomorrow.

Did that too and no update yet @RBoy ? Legacy driver is updated maybe something’s wrong ?