[Edge] UI repeat appearing and disappearing

My driver take push message from device every 10 seconds, and at that time, there is a problem with UI(Mode and Fan osillation). Please see the linked video 0:07, 0:17.

There are two problems:

  1. supportedAcModes repeat appearing and disappearing
  2. supportedFanOscillationModes does not show anything.

The first one happen during refresh function, like:

local SUPPORTED_AC_MODES = { "cool", "dry", "fanOnly", "auto", "heat" }
local SUPPORTED_FAN_OSCILLATION_MODES = { "fixed", "vertical", "horizontal", "all" }


function acm.hooks.refresh(driver, device, registers)




And log is:

emitting event: {"component_id":"main","attribute_id":"airConditionerMode","state":{"value":"heat"},"capability_id":"airConditionerMode"}
emitting event: {"component_id":"main","attribute_id":"supportedAcModes","state":{"value":["cool","dry","fanOnly","auto","heat"]},"capability_id":"airConditionerMode"}
emitting event: {"component_id":"main","attribute_id":"fanOscillationMode","state":{"value":"horizontal"},"capability_id":"fanOscillationMode"}
emitting event: {"component_id":"main","attribute_id":"supportedFanOscillationModes","state":{"value":["fixed","vertical","horizontal","all"]},"capability_id":"fanOscillationMode"}

I guess this problem is caused by emiting event airConditionerMode and fanOscillationMode, which clear supportedAcModes and supportedFanOscillationModes.

And second one, I have no idea, but I’ve just found out it can shown until next refresh if I turns app to backgrounds, and bring foreground(As you can see linked video, 0:20~).

Hi, @Shina_System_Co_Ltd.

These capabilities, airConditionerMode and fanOscillationMode have the status “proposed” which means that they are mutable, they should be supported in the API but consider beta bugs can happen in the SmartThings app.

I will make some tests to see what I can find and let you know my results.

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Hi, @Shina_System_Co_Ltd. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been making some tests with these capabilities using another integration type and the issue I saw is:

  1. Once we select one option of the AC modes, the complete list appears (ruling out the supportedAcModes)
  2. It is solved if we go back to the Dashboard view and enter the device again

Have you checked if the array of supported values is actually saved in the device status?
This can be verified when you query the device status.