Edge Shelly drivers for Gen1 and Gen2 Devices

GEN2 Device Driver Beta is now ready!

This is an early driver, so expect glitches. It should support the following GEN2 device types:

  • PlusPlug US (tested and verified!)
  • Plus 1, Plus 1PM
  • Pro 1, Pro 1PM
  • Pro 2

I’ve only been able to directly test the PlugPlug US; the rest I will be reliant on community members to test and report problems. I also do not have external sensor support yet.

For this first driver, anyone can try it, but I’ll only be able to figure out problems if you can provide logs using the CLI. So I’m really hoping at least a couple of you will be able to do that.

Differences from GEN1 driver
The Shelly folks have improved the design of these GEN2 devices making the API very modular. All of them share a small number of common components that all work the same across device types. Communications with these devices is through WebSockets, so I’m hoping this will be a more stable and reliable interface than GEN1, which relies on simple HTTP requests.

Another difference with this driver is that devices are discovered automatically, instead of having to create and configure the IP address for each device.

Available on my Test Channel: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.
Driver: Shelly Gen2 Device Driver V1.0
Version: 2022-12-29T04:12:57.475328808


Once the driver is loaded to your hub from the channel, when you do an Add device / Scan for Nearby Devices, it will take about 40 seconds to perform a network discovery for your GEN2 devices. Be patient, the discovery process will continue even after the mobile app scan says it didn’t find any devices.

Devices will be automatically created for each device model found that is currently supported by the driver. An additional device labeled “Shelly Gen2 Device Creator” will also be created. This is for manual device creation only, in case discovery does not find your device. I’m hoping this manual creator will be unnecessary and if so I will eventually remove it. You can ignore it for now.

I look forward to your feedback!

Please do not post logs here. Send them to me in a direct message instead.