Edge Shelly device support discussion

Have you done an Edge Driver for Shelly Plus??

Not yet, but I plan to do one.

put me on the list of being interested in that driver!


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Hi TAustin,
when do you think this will be added to the driver


It would be fantastic if the Shelly Pro 4pm also would be supported.
What do you think, is that possible?

I still want to get a prelim driver out to support the Shelly Gen 2 device by the end of the year. That’s my goal, anyway. I need to get one on order!

This is superb thank you. Just added the Shelly 1L driver works perfectly. Another vote for the Shelly 1 Plus driver as well please

Then I can ditch the shelly cloud link once and for all.

Hi @TAustin, your Shelly management driver has been used with great satisfaction! At the moment I have configured a couple of Shelly 2.5, I will try the Shelly EM shortly. I would also like to configure a Shelly PRO 1 PM (which also provides connection via LAN), can you please tell me which device I have to create in order to be able to manage it on SmartThings? Thank you

The Pro products are Gen2 devices and won’t work with this driver, which only support the Gen1 devices. I hope to have an initial Gen2 driver ready in the next month or so.

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Ok Thanks @TAustin, for your valuable work

Hi @TAustin , what about Shelly Edge driver? They stopped working for two days. from Shelly app they work fine but from smarthings app they don’t. if i click on the device the wheel spins but nothing happens. until the other day everything was ok, I have only Shelly 1 connected.
the same happens to @Diegocampy

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My Shelly 1 is working fine with @TAustin driver.

Is your device configured with a static IP address or did it possibly change IP addresses?

Try going into settings and temporarily change the configured IP to something else (wrong). Wait 30 seconds then change it back. See if it works after that.

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It didn’t work for me for a few minutes, now it works. a momentary problem, I have not changed anything.

Hi @taustin my shelly Is configured with a static ip address.
I completely deleted the Edge driver and Shelly creator, then reinstalled everything and now it works. I don’t know why… but it’s okay. Thank you.

Had you tried my suggestion and that didn’t work? Or had you already reinstalled the driver? Just curious to know if that suggestion didn’t work, or you didn’t try it. There really shouldn’t be a need to have to delete and reinstall.

I’ve changed the ip in the device settings in Smartthings app as you suggested but nothing happened and the wheel was spinning.
then I tried to delete everything, put the correct ip and it still didn’t work. suddenly it just decided to work. I don’t know why or what happened. some other users also got it working on their own again, like @Diegocampy

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Ok, thanks for letting me know. If this happens again and you can get some logs from the CLI, that would be helpful to see what is going on. Definitely sounds like the driver was not functioning for some reason.