Edge Shelly device support discussion

Thanks for your efforts.

BTW, where is the driver for download? :rofl:
Could´nt found it at your edge drivers list i enrolled! (dumb!)

Thanks @JDRoberts
Hope they expand the feature soon, better yet, locally at the ST hub with drivers.
TVs are also something we can´t understand the lack of this and other simple ST features :frowning:

Btw, ST ENERGY already working fine here at Brazil also. Even regional/local providers energy fares are up to date. Very nice! i can now estimate the cost of each night cooling my room :slight_smile:

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It is available from my driver testing channel. Here is the link:

Enroll your hub then you can choose which driver to install; in this case ‘Shelly Device Driver V1’


There seems to have been an update to the Shelly Motion Sensor firmware that required a change in my driver, so I have pushed out a driver update: version 2022-05-03T19:57:44.308268

No action is required on the part of users, and the only ones noticing a change should be anyone with a motion sensor that had stopped reporting motion.


I have a somewhat strange question, a question that maybe I should be able to answer for myself, but forgive me, it’s not like that :slight_smile:

Browsing for the Shelly 3EM application I see these things set in the 1/0 actions:

Asking in the Shelly support group, they tell me that only I could have manually set these actions, I don’t rule it out, but I don’t remember doing it. I wonder what they could be and I thought I’d ask it here, because maybe with the edge drives it automatically brings this setting to be able to see the on and off status on the device created in Smartthings? I ask first to delete something that the drive needs to work
I noticed the same actions on the shelly Air too, so I think this may really be the reason, I ask you for confirmation. Thanks

Those values are set by my driver so that it receives notifications when the relay goes on or off. So don’t delete them!

The support group was not quite right - those values can be set programmatically - not just manually.

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I knew you would solve my doubts. Thank you

Update to the Shelly driver was pushed out to fix a problem that would have caused it to stop working with the upcoming hub firmware update.

No further action necessary, and no change should be apparent to users.

Driver Version 2022-05-13T17:42:38.264739

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Any chance you will be able to create drivers for Button 1, i3, Flood, HT sensors, and Uni?

Hi there - And welcome to the community!

You’re the first to request those, but I can take a look at them. Are these all Gen 1 devices? This driver is just for those. Gen 2 will require a whole new driver since it is a different interface.


Thank you! And I really appreciate all of your work on this! I have been wanting my shelly devices to run locally since I got them but didn’t want to flash them with tasmota. I beleive tjey are all gen 1 (I’m not certain with uni or i3). Is there a way I can tell? Also can you add the duo to the list? The “Bulb” driver turns it on and off but the Kelvin temper and brightness adjustments do not work. Thanks again for everything! My 1pm’s and 2.5’s are working perfectly since I added your drivers yesterday. I am also converting all of my virtual switches over to your drivers as we speak.


I checked the Shelly web pages and it looks like they are all Gen 1, including Uni and i3. Gen 2 are generally named Shelly Plus xxx or Shelly Pro xxx.

Let me know the priority order as it takes some time to do each one of these.

I’ll also be 100% dependent on you for testing, since I don’t have them myself. It would be most helpful if you have a Windows computer where you can run logging with the SmartThings CLI, which is a program you download and run in a Command prompt window. Detailed instructions are here to get that installed. If for whatever reason you can’t do that then we can muddle along, but it will just make things a bit harder.

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Awesome! I’ll be happy to test and try to get the logs for you. I haven’t done it before but I don’t see it being a problem. Priority order: Button 1, i3, HT, Duo, Flood, Uni (haven’t even decide how I can use the uni yet. Bought them for a rainy day). Again, thank you so much!


Regarding the Button device - do you need various button press types (short/long/multiple/etc), or just a standard single button press?

Various button press types would be ideal. I currently use short, long, double, and triple.

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