Edge Shelly device support discussion

Thanks for the super swift response and apologies I should have been clearer.

Yes, it’s only possible to have a single external switch on the Shelly 1.

I have the reed switch set up as a contact sensor on the garage door. When the door is in the closed position the reed switch is activated/on, and when it opens contact is broken and it’s off. The main output of the Shelly acts like a momentary switch to raise and lower the garage door. I have the Shelly in ‘detached’ mode so the output of the external switch does not automatically trigger the relay.

As there are multiple ways for me to open and close the door (manual button, RF controller, Shelly) the sensor and the relay need to operate independently.

The Shelly is definitely getting the signal correctly as I can see the coloured indicator changing in the Shelly App.

I assume the Shelly will need to make calls to SmartThings hub based on the ‘External Switch’ or ‘Sensor’ outputs within the I/O settings?

Thanks again for any help.

Thanks that was very helpful. It made me realize that I was mistakenly looking at the ‘inputs’ status element instead of the ‘ext_switch’ element. Although the documentation doesn’t explicitly say it, I will assume the value of ext_switch.0.input is 0 if off and 1 if on.

Yes, the switch is wired and recognised as the exterior switch.

Your logic on the ON/OFF sounds logical to me.

Thank you

Wish I had seen this before just buying the newer Shelly Plus 1 devices , which I now understand to be Gen 2?

If you want I’m willing to help debug with my Gen 2 switches ?

Can I display two separate switches as two separate channels for shelly 2.5? Do I need to create virtual buttons and automate them?

You could use @Mariano_Colmenarejo virtual mirror devices to connect to the 2nd switch on this device.

I’m open to doing this, just need to find the time to focus on it! It’s a whole different interface so it’s a complete rewrite of that part of the driver code. You would need the CLI to be able to run logs for me. Once I find some time to focus on it, I’ll direct message you.

I have a problem with the second channel on shelly 2.5, it does not update online, I click to turn off the application and the light does not change status; (

Edit: I noticed that I have a problem with only one shelly 2.5 where in channel 0 I have nothing connected, and in channel 1 I have a lamp and here there is a problem, others work perfectly.

Edit 2: With PM 1 Plus I also have a problem, turn on the socket, it will be turned on without delay, but it will not turn off.

Hello - Sorry you are having problems. First, have you confirmed that the device itself is configured properly (through the Shelly mobile app) for each of the channels? e.g.:

  • Operation mode = Relay
  • Power On Default = SWITCH
  • Button Type = Toggle Switch

Also, go into “I/O Actions” under Settings in the Shelly mobile app and confirm that for both the Button on and Button off URLs that they are Enabled and that you see a URL there for each containing your hub IP address. This is how the device notifies the Edge driver of button state changes. Be sure not to accidently change the URLs here.

If all of that looks OK, then the next step will require that you have the SmartThings CLI so we can see what the logs are telling us.

The problem with Shelly 2.5 looks like this, I can turn on the device, but I have to click on the refresh button before turning off otherwise there is no response to the shutdown, on both channels.

In Shelly 2.5, he adds a link to SmartThings, after entering the indicated link, I see a white page with no messages

1 PM Plus stores, I do not react at all :frowning:

The simplest methods are the best.

Restarting Shelly 2.5 fixed the problem and it works fine.

I only have a problem with Shelly Plus1PM - complete no response, I bet the Shelly 1 PM profile does not support it; (

Second, how will you make Shelly 2.5 Relay appear as two separate switches then you are the King! :slight_smile:

So far I have made fake switches, but they do not show electricity consumption and require a lot of automation.

I’m glad you got your 2.5 working ok. I suspect the device was not fully initialized to inform the driver when relay states changed.

The suggestion for splitting the 2.5 into two SmartThings devices is an interesting one, and has come up recently. I will look at that…

Regarding the Shelly Plus 1PM - the current driver does not support Gen2 devices. That may be a future project!

Separate buttons for Shelly 2.5 Relay would make a lot easier. Fake switch automation would not be needed. :slight_smile: Is there a chance for a quick solution to the topic?

I’ll be looking at it this weekend so maybe a solution by early next week.

I keep my fingers crossed, let me know if there is something to test, I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

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New driver update!

Version 2022-08-20T21:03:45.05484133

This update will be installed automatically to your hub.

Summary of changes:

  • Auto refresh: changing the frequency will now take effect immediately (previous version required you to turn auto refresh off and back on again)
  • R1 devices: new device Settings option to show open/close on dashboard instead of on/off (useful when device is controlling a door); input1 field added and available for automation conditions. Note that a new device will need to be created to use these new features.
  • R25 devices: new device Settings option to create secondary SmartThings device for channel 2 relay (@Damianeq ). Note that the main device will continue to show both channel 1 and channel 2 info; the secondary device will show only channel 2-specific info (switch, power, energy consumption). Note also that the refresh buttons on both devices refresh both channels/devices. If you no longer want to use the secondary device, first turn the option OFF in device Settings and then you can delete the secondary device.

So far I have tested one device on Shelly 2.5 working properly :), next tests in the morning (my time is after midnight)

Thank you very much for introducing changes so quickly :slight_smile:

Will I be waiting for the Shelly PM1 Plus app too;)

You are the boss!

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I added all Shelly 2.5 with the new driver version, everything works fine, it’s just great.

As I wrote to be happy, I still need to integrate with Shelly 1PM Plus, as soon as something works, write to me, I will be happy to test

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Great work with the driver, very much appreciated :+1:
I am trying to use it with my Shelly i3 as momentary switches, but it seems that Smartthings is only receiving the messages from the i3 when i hit the refresh button in the Smartthings app.




Thank you very much.

I have shelly 1pm with add on temp.
Want to know if there is a driver that could read the temp for smartthings.

Thanks again.