Edge replacement for Trendsetter?

Does anyone have a functional replacement for TrendSetter in the Edge environment?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any replacement at this point.

Current recommendation is using a combination of the current available options:

  • Smart Lighting
  • Routines
  • Scenes and Lighting Groups - both are fairly limited in what they can offer you
  • Rules API
  • SharpTools
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@jkp already gave you the best answer, but just to clarify some Terminology to help your further research.

Edge is only one part of the new architecture, and edge drivers are only substitutes for the old device type handlers.

Trendsetter was a smartapp. There are still smart apps in the new architecture, but you have to host them yourself, the process for integration is different, and any old smartapps have to be rewritten to use the new architecture. Or, hopefully, you can find equivalent functionality with one of the alternatives that @jkp mentioned.

The following thread has some more details about that:

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