Edge replacement for Ridiculously Automated Garage Door automation?…

Morning all,

I’ve been using the ridiculously automated garage door automation with my linear gd00z controllers since I got my SmartThings. The functionality was what led me to getting my SmartThings hub and going into z-wave automation to start with.

With Groovy ending, how will I be able continue to use the functionality and features offered in that automation? Do I need to learn to become a coder and recreate it in edge? Has someone else already done it and I haven’t seen it? Or will the new stuff already offer the features?

Still pretty green to the whole edge thing. I just want my stuff to work like it always has. Lol

Thanks in advance for any info and assistance you can provide.


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Edge is for things that will run on the hub. So Edge Drivers are a replacement for Device Type Handlers (DTHs), not SmartApps. :thinking:

Instead, what you need is a new automation which can replace what you have been doing with the Ridiculously Automated Garage Door Control.

Take a look at the following thread. It discusses what most people are doing.

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

Also, if you post the exact details of the use case you are using the smartapp for, someone may have a more specific suggestion.

Not sure how “ridiculous” your setup is, but it can likely be replicated with the automations and/or a driver. I recently posted this example for a garage door based on a relay and contact sensor.

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So I used that app (which had custom dth) for a few things. One, it notified me after x minutes (and every 1-2 min thereafter) if one of my two garage doors was left open. I could turn that on or off if I would be working in garage all day or not. I would also get notification of open and close status. I could set it to close automatically if it was open for x period of time and could open close via Alexa. I had planned to try and set something up to turn on a light if garage (or door) opened between x and y time of night but never followed up on that and when I finally came to try it, found that everything is changing from how I knew to do things.

I don’t code but knew enough on how to upload dths to my ide, etc. now this stuff is a foreign language. Need step by step instructions. Seems like the change is taking some of the ease of customizing away from newbs and it’ll mainly be the experienced / skilled folks that end up with all the cool stuff. Lol


I think you can do most (if not all) of what that smartapp did with routines. I would break it down logically:

  • Create a routine that after XX minutes of the door sensor reading open to:
    A) notify members the door is open.
    B) Set a “The garage door notification is active” virtual switch to ON.
  • Create a routine on the virtual switch that when on, send an additional notification every 2 mintues that the door is STILL open. [Note: this may not work with routines. I don’t know if you can run something repeatedly while a condition is met. It may only run on the event, not over and over.]
  • Create a routine on the garage door sensor being closed, to turn off the additional notification virtual switch (so no more notifications happen).

These routines can all be enabled or disabled however you’d like or only run when modes are set, etc. You can preface any with conditionals that make sense for you. (maybe while motion is active, don’t run since you’re IN the garage with the open door…)

  • Create a routine on the door sensor opening to notify you
  • Create a routine on the door sensor closing to notify you.
  • Create a routine on the door sensor being open for XX period of time to run a “close the door” action on the garage door device.
  • Garage door capabilities on a device get exported to Alexa so she should be able to control, but you may have to tweak. Lots of options there.
  • Create a routine on the garage door sensor that will turn on lights based on time of day or modes or any combination of logic.

Routines are created and modified on the “Routines” tab on a device’s details. They show up on any device they interact with so they can be seen, edited and controlled from more than one place.

You can do this today with your existing DTH driven devices. See if you can switch some of the features you’re getting from a Garage Door monitor smartapp to routines.

Also note that Routines are not the only place logic can run. The Rules API is another which could provide solutions as well.

Good luck!


How do I do the virtual switch thing for this example to see if it works?

You can create virtual devices several ways.

ST has built in ones thru the mobile app. Menu → Labs → Virtual Switch

There are several other community virtual device drivers on here. vEdge and Virtual Hub are popular.

But sadly I just went thru the Routine sequences and I don’t think you can do anything similar to a “every xx minutes do this action if this state is true”. I too have the “Left it Open” smart app doing similar logic for garage and freezer doors, and that will go away when Groovy Smart apps are shutdown.

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Use condition that changes every 2 minutes. Auto turn off virtual switch after 2 minutes.
Create routines that has

IF Door is Open
IF virtual Switch is OFF

THEN turn Virtual Switch ON, auto turn off after 2 minutes and send notification.

This will send you notifications every 2 minutes as long as Door is open.

That virtual switch OFF condition is 2 minutes trigger, and it will be OVER when door is finally closed


You can do this with the driver I included above:

You can setup the device to match that example and then setup your rules as described by @csstup


Ugh. That sucks. They need to update the routines ability in the app to allow for this or bring over a smart app that allows it like they’re bringing over smart lighting. It’s a feature used by a lot of users… :frowning:

Thanks for your responses though.

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Thanks. I read through that thread a couple of days ago and it was like chinese. I will try again. lol

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I wouldn’t go through the thread, just the intial post with the garage door

Well, I clicked the link in the initial post, and it took me to login to my ST. I did, and got this… I clicked enroll and nothing happens. Basically, I’m dumb. Apparently need a step by step on how to do this and set it up. Sorry.


  • Enroll in the channel and it should allow you to access available drivers on that screen
  • Choose the Virtual Hub Kit and install that to your Hub
  • Go to the ST app and run the discovery for new devices
  • A virtual hub should be added to “No Room Assigned”
  • Go to that device and create virtual garage door which would also be added to “No Room Assigned”

You should be able to follow the post from there.

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Now that I have figured out how to setup the virtual switch, I am trying to follow this. It doesn’t let me add the virtual switch as an IF and a THEN in the same routine. Also don’t see option to auto stop / close / turn off something after x minutes in the THEN options.

@Eighty7Lx Here is the actual routine

Ah, thanks. I don’t have vEdge stuff… Care to walk me through setting that up? Sorry to be a pain but I’m learning little by little!

It’s the virtual switches done by @TAustin.
Look for his channel