[EDGE][RELEASE] Simple Device Info Viewer

Interesting thanks - the ones I am creating I don’t specify a yaml file, these devices seem to be cloud based and work in locations without a hub.

Exactly the same as if you call create standard then choose the a device from the list.

I wasnt aware of the ability to create local virtual devices that run on a stock edge driver - is there some docs / guidance for those?

Not really no. I suspect we’ve been thrown a few bones to keep us interested.

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Hi, @lmullineux. Thank you so much for your contributions, about this, more information about virtual devices will be shared later on.

This option is available in the CLI as @lmullineux mentioned, the team knows there are still questions about how those devices work so, that’s why they’re collecting more info about them.

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What is this about?

Did you post on the wrong thread?

Owlening is a spam account. In a few months they’ll edit that post to include a link to an external website.


Please consider helping @TAustin test his super new API Broswer+

I have had a sneak preview and it is awesome.


This is wonderful!!
I do have a question. I have 5 iPhones show up in the list. Is there a way to identify each of them?

I don’t know, if they all have the same name.

If it’s to figure out between current and old, You could look at the health value to see when it was last seen, also you can look at the current state to see if it’s present.

Thanks for this fantastic tool! :slight_smile:

I have some issues after pairing Aqara devices with Edge drivers, battery not shown and next day OFFLINE. I had similar issues with DTH for Aqara, this happens every time when the device is not paired directly, but through routing with another Zigbee device.

In IDE, only placeholder is shown on drivers. I tried using your tool but I can’t seem to find Route. Is this something I can see somehow here?

Routing information for zwave and ZigBee is not (yet?) available from the CLI or API.


I have an Aqara door sensor I’ve used for a while. I recently replaced my modem and router, and the sensor wouldn’t connect. I deleted the sensor from my devices on smartthings, but when I added it back it continued to show as a switch instead of a sensor. I changed the type to the Xiaomi Aqara Door/Window Sensor, and then it asked for a device network id. I used your tool to find that but still no luck. Lastly, when I select my hub from the dropdown it says access denied.

I’m still new at these things sorry if I didn’t explain things properly. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Sportschamp27

You are more likely to find an answer if you post on a thread for your device or driver. Or post a new thread. It will be more likely to be seen by people with the knowledge of your device who can help.

Good luck

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Is there a way to see the device fingerprint using this? I clicked through all the options and couldn’t find. And for things on edge drivers I cannot see in IDE.

I would love to try this browser. How do I get a copy?

Follow the instructions in the first post to run directly from my GitHub [RELEASE] Simple Device Info Viewer

Thank you and TAustin for your awesome work on these API tools… Do you know if the device firmware information is available through API and if so, can that be added to the device info or health section?

I know in the IDE its in the raw device description. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place in your tool.

Firmware info is available for devices that support it, just click the clipboard next to a device on ‘simple device viewer’ , then look for the firmwareUpdate object

If you meant to ask @TAustin about his app, you probably asked in the wrong thread

The device has to expose its firmware/software version as an attribute of the defined capabilities in the driver (or other cloud->cloud integration like Viper or OCF). Some devices do that and others don’t. For example, Ring exposes the camera software version in their cloud->cloud (VIPER) integration, but not the hardware version.

And my TV has even more info via its cloud->cloud (OCF) integration.

However, none of my Z-Wave devices using Edge drivers provide any firmware info.

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Thanks I was looking specifically for the Z-Wave items… from Simple Device Viewer - I’ll post a separate question in TAustin’s thread. Want to thank both of you for great tool development!

Is just a case of of the driver exposes the firmware information as a capability. Not sure that is device type or radio specific. More to do with the driver

I don’t own any zwave devices so can’t check mine. But I do have firmware info for lots of my other devices.