[Edge] Heatit Controls Official Edge Driver [v2.3.0]


I’m experiencing the same issue as @veonua, using the “z-trm3”. Whereas there is no such issue regarding the “Z-Wave”.

This is now solved. Took some time because I was not at the out of town location for a while.
What had happened was that I had changed the wifi network on my hub. There is no easy way to do this, it required a reset of the hub.

When the hub came back everything was apparently working without a reinstall and I could see all my ST devices, read temperature, setpoint etc. I had unfortunately not checked that I could change anything until I was back home and wondered why the devices weren’t in “away mode”. One ST device (heatit z-temp) was working ok, but the 2 z-trm3 were essentially read-only.

Once on-site I was able to resolve the issue. It was not possible to exclude and then include the devices, the hub would not find them in exclude mode. I had to factory reset the 2 devices, and “hard delete” them from ST. All ok after inclusion again but I did need to fiddle with my Home Assistant setup as the device names had changed.

It is this kind of flakiness that often gets me frustrated with ST, I have considered giving up several times and find some other solution, but then we kiss and make up.

Same here. You can at least have the widget not show by removing the devices from the list of devices used to measure temperature in that room. Now I don’t know how to get it back :frowning:

Anyway, it should have been possible to select sensors in ST for this, not devices.

I think its an issue with the ST app, not the driver.

I will see what we can do in our integration and let you know what I find out.

A virtual sensor? Could a virtual temperature sensor mirror the state of the required sensor on the thermostat device?

I looked here, created a virtual temp sensor, but can’t figure out how to do the mirroring… [ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver

The solution to get the room temperature to show correctly is to

  1. create a virtual temp/humidity device for the room temperature (use vEdge creator [ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users)
  2. Make a rule to mirror the required temperature from heatit into the vEdge device (Information here Mirror temperature sensor to virtual device - #9 by Paul_Oliver but substitute “roomTemperature” for “main” ). You will also need the API Browser+ here SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All to add the rule, then enable it.
  3. Make sure your vEdge device is in the same room as the thermostat
  4. Click on the room temperature and use the overflow menu to select the virtual device instead of the heatit thermostat

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Thank you for the alternate solution Jeremy.
We are currently looking into the possibility to allow the user to select the visible sensors or alternate solution which can be baked into our driver directly.


Any news on this?

We are looking into two different solutions. But it has been quite busy with other things, so we have not tested them properly yet.
Maybe you, the community, can decide which solution would be preferable.

In one solution, we only show the main sensor and hide the two which are not in use.

In the other, we create a separate temperature display that is not included in SmartThings’ calculations.

is if possible to use several profiles , and allow user to switch the profile in settings

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1st proposal: How would that affect the display and mini-tile calculations for the modes where e. g. 2 sensors are involved? (E. G. Floor and External, Air and Floor etc)

Do you mean that we add 2 drivers for our thermostats which differ in the way they show?

It would, solution 1 basically changes the thermostat to a Single channel node which only reports the temperature currently in use for regulation.

Afaik, that would be the current reading of the sensors for either of Floor, Air, Air External? In that case the Floor reading when using Floor limitation mode would not be visible?

It appears that you can switch profiles dynamically using try_update_metadata. You can create multiple profiles with or without a room-temperature sensor and then the user can select one in the settings or automatically based on device information.

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I just got a new temp2.

As far as i understand, if target temperature is below room temperature, the state is suppose to be “idle” and if target temperature is above room temprature, state is suppose to be “heating”

Is this correct?

I just saw that heating state got activated and even though the room temprature increased, it didnt automatically switch to idle after passing target temprature

Am i thinking wrong here?

@HeatitControlsAB is it possible to create a routine to compare room temparature and target temprature? I find doing it via states unreliable

You are correct in your assumption of how it works.

It might be the hysteresis which can cause it to not flip immediately.

I will forward this to the developer.

@HeatitControlsAB I understand that the Heatit Z-water is included in this driver. Is the Z-water2 also supported? If not, are there any plans to include it?