[Edge] Heatit Controls Official Edge Driver [v2.2.0]

It’s in “Preferences”. Can you use that?

The issue is that when the sensor mode has been changed locally (not via parameter). It will not be reported to the gateway.
Our thought is to always use the internal sensor for the main device temperature.

how about if the room sensor reports 0C , and floor sensor reports 20C.

main.temperarure = max (floor sensor, room sensor)

Hasn’t that always been the issue, even with the groovy drivers? Will it not “correct” itself next time you use the ST app to access the device? Maybe note it as a known issue? In general it is not going to happen more than once or twice after installation?

Edit: just to add… using just a single internal sensor as fallback will not work in my case. I have some devices using floor sensor only, some using room + floor limitation, and some using room sensor only (including internal or with external thermistor). Its just the way it has to be in an older house where the original thermostats were installed inside or outside of the bathroom, or the floor sensor “trekkrør” was missed out.

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There is a problem in the link to accept the invitation to install the Edge Driver, it just throws me a:
There was an internal server error.

Common issue or something else that went wrong?

Common issue today. :disappointed_relieved:

Unable to join channels (25 Jan 2023)

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Links works now:
Driver Install (z-TRM3)

  • Successfully added to Hub, one with full secure, two where it fails, but still got added…
  • See that it reports set temperatur, power usages etc
  • However when clicking on the theromstad in ST, nothing happens, its unable to connect…

So for me this didn’t work at all :frowning:

Any idea whats wrong (this is fresh install)…?

I will check what kind of functions can be made regarding this issue.

This might be true, but for our thermostats, we have previously chosen not to report back the configuration parameter values if they’ve been changed or updated locally. Well, not as much chosen, as just not thought about.
We will see what we can do to get the correct sensor value to show on the device.

What’s the distance to the gateway when you are including? Sounds like a problem where the interview might fail.

Its about 5m…for does that fails, then one that went through about 1m…

I understand now, if you manually setup the thermostat and then include it, your driver do not allow you to retrive parameters?

However, if I create a sceen, then do a set temperature, example create an away with fix temperatur, this actually work (which is the most important for me now)

But you should absolute allow for retriving parameters regardless how the thermostad was setup, else people will assume the driver are broken.

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I have a HeatIt Z-Push Button 4. The HeatIt Beta Z-wave Switch driver (for Dim2, Z-Dim and Z-water) is now installed on by SmartThings hub. After deleting the old custom device handler, a factory reset of the device and excludingl/including (multiple times) I always end up with a non-functioning “Z-Wave Device” installed with default DH. The local HeatIt (beta) driver is not detected or installed during this process. The option in the app device menu to manually select a driver is also not available.
How should I proceed? Thanks in avance for any assistance available.

For the Push Buttons you need the “HeatIt Z-Wave Button Drivers 1.0” driver from the release channel.

Retrieving parameter values is not something we can allow or disallow. That is controlled by SmartThings.
Our devices do allow for retrieving values with the Configuration Get command.

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Thanks for your prompt reply! I missed the link to the non-Beta channel so did a best guess on a beta driver. Indeed the button driver in the release channel works perfectly. I have found to be a lot of guess work getting this far. Thanks again.

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As I understand it, the problem is not that the driver cannot retrieve parameters (you can read and write parameters in “settings”). The problem that @HeatitControlsAB noted is that if you change a parameter on the device itself through the configuration settings (long press, and then scroll), when you change a parameter there it will not be pushed to the driver, and therefore will not be available until something else happens.

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Ah! Yes, that’s a separate issue. The device details in the SmartThings app, including settings, should certainly reflect the settings on the device regardless of the method used to configure them. Otherwise it’s like a light switch that says it’s off in the app when it’s on in real life. :thinking:

I’ll delete my post above to avoid any confusion.

Does this also apply to changing the temperature on the device itself, or just the config part?

Changing the temperature by 0.5C in the app does also not seem to work. Is this another SmartThings issue?

Only to the config part