[Edge] Heatit Controls Official Edge Driver [v2.1.0]

Many thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo for your response, setting up my smart is my new hobby project but all is pretty new.

The image below is from the HeatIT Thermostat. So if I understand correctly, I need to find the network id (hex) of the relay and update the settings in the red marked area. How do I find the network ID of the Relays, using the Z-Wave device Config Mc?

Hi @Maarten1234

Yes, Also with Zwave thing Mc

Another option is this

I know, but no option to change driver :grimacing::thinking:

Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo, I set up now the API browser and foundationen the Device ID (i.e. 0a24d31a-0309-486e-a4e8-2efb48b99b2b) but using this string does not work, and it does not accept it as input. Do I need to convert it to a hex code? I remember to have read that somewhere

Hi @Maarten1234

Is the network Id in hex two digits

Or DNI ( Device Network Id)

Have you changed anything on the Edge driver for the Z-TRM 2 and Z-TRM 3. The devices have been offline since yesterday. The Z-TRM 3 reconnects after a power reset but is offline again after a few minutes. The Z-TRM 2 no longer connects at all and is constantly offline.

Edge drivers have not been updated.

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo, I now found the DNI and put the settings as such. Unfortunately no succes. Do you have any other thoughts before i give up :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:.

What do you want to do? It may be easier to do it with some routines, which are also local

Hi, yes they are already connected with a routine but was hoping to built in some robustness since I read that the SmartThings hub can crash now and then. At least many thanks for your effort snd help, much appreciated!

Z-Push-Button-8: I’ve got 2 og these, with versions reported by the IDE as 1.26 and 1.28.

As there is no way back after removing the DTH in use in order to use the Edge-driver, please confirm that the 1.26 and 1.28 versions will work w the Edge-driver?

We do not check for FW version on the Z-push buttons, both will work in the Edge driver, and if they do not, we can easily add support for it.

Not able to set heating temperatures on 2 out of 4 Z-TRM3s


The 2 that can be set to a new temp are using RBOY’s DTH.

The 2 that are not controllable are both using the v1.2 (2023-03-02T05:37…) HeatIt Edge driver. A new setpoint is neither setable using the app (Android v, nor from a routine or a scene.

They are both online as per the IDE and per the API Browser+ tool, and they both report sensible air and floor temperatures, as well as voltage and power.

Last time I know they were setable was March 5th.