Edge has completly destroyed a three year solid setup

Well this move to Edge seems to have my setup completely in pieces with outlook, lights and push button devices all in various states from not working to unexpected behaviour, I have three outlets that no longer work and will now not be recognised, WeMo lights that have worked for years no longer working, and voice commands via Alexa that confirms the command and then nothing happens, The three Zigbee outlets that used to work in SmartThings work fine under Hubitat. Was the move to Edge done too early? All the installable edge drives seem to be in beta and most of them after trying I have uninstalled as they do not help.

It took a little work, but with a combination of stock Edge drivers, community created Edge drivers, virtual Edge devices, and some changes to my Routines, I’ve got 99.9% functionality up and working in my 3 yr old deployment. The only thing I’ve not got yet are routines based on user specific lock codes as there are no native ST apps or capabilities that support doing that. I’m considering using Sharptools for that purpose but am not ready yet to pay for their premium level service to do it.

Thank you for your comments. Where can I go to get the stock/ community created Edge drivers. What is meant by virtual Edge devices? Sorry but I am no expert with this as it has always been straightforward adding devices and creating routines.

Here is a good overview of Edge drivers and where to find stock and community drivers. Virtual devices are software only devices that can mimic the behavior of physical devices. There are numerous uses including triggering actions on physical devices, triggering Alexa routines, and as a substitute for the lack of variables to track state.

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Thank you.

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