[Edge drivers] Sonos devices - behavior after migration

An updated driver for Sonos is expected to be released to Beta next week, probably Tuesday at the earliest. This update is specifically intended to address the various connectivity issues discussed here. Of course, the delivery date could be pushed based on pre-release testing.

Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Has anyone experienced issues with a sonos notification being delayed? I think this preceded the updates but am not sure. In any case, I’ve got logic to only do a notification if my work pc power is off. This part of it seems to work fine, but later the notification(s) appears to be queued up and then play.

Difficult to say if its the Sonos driver or the current state of the Smartthings Hub firmare or infrastructure… everything seems slow, delayed or laggy since the latest Hub firmware update

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I stopped bothering about anything SONOS/ SMARTTHINGS/TPLINK for now … It’s all gone tits up


Do we know how this is looking yet?

Yes, it is going to Beta tomorrow. I was hoping to test the PR ahead of time, but unfortunately I’m out of the country and will have limited access until tomorrow.

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The latest pull request was formally approved a little bit ago. Just waiting for the driver itself to be updated and pushed to the Beta channel.


PR was just merged. The new beta should be pushed fairly soon.

EDIT: I deleted my comments my early testing because I did err in the way I went about it.


Just noticed there was an updated to the prod driver yesterday:

That’s the beta driver update from 2023-09-05. A different fix. Production follows Beta by one week.

Ah yes, thanks.

Noticed another random failure of the app to show Sonos status today - following update to 12/9 driver after a couple of OK weeks

anybody know when the new Sonos driver is going to the Beta channel? I have been eagerily awaiting since Tuesday!

They usually push beta to production and main to beta on a Tuesday evening (UK time) and the latest version of the Sonos driver entered main on Wednesday this week. So I’d have thought this coming Tuesday is most likely. I guess they may expedite it if they consider it particularly important.

I was told to expect it last Tuesday, but then the PR didn’t get its final OK until midday Tuesday, which was apparently late enough to delay it to the next weekly release cycle.

Users can expect to see significant improvement when the Beta is released, but I’ve found one or two nagging issues in pre-testing. As always with Sonos, the individual experience can vary widely depending on the topology of the individual system and the way it is employed and managed. I’ll be very interested to see the feedback when it finally hits Beta.


Do we know if this has made it to beta yet?

Not yet. But there’s no reason I’m aware of why it wouldn’t be a part of the normal cycle of releases today.

Edit: Said would when I meant wouldn’t.

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Gosh I hope so. This is getting old.

Well I’m now running …09-19… driver and am still not seeing any status update from or to ST - can play a favourite but cant play/pause/volume control through device tile.

Routines still seem OK - device tile totally unresponsive in either direction.

Will give it more bedding in time and maybe try a reboot or two but first impressions for my issues :-1::-1:

How do it get hold of the Beta version ? Sorted …I’ve got it now … Let’s see if it fixes anything :slight_smile: .