Edge Drivers for Leviton Dimmers

This one does:

(New Release) New Edge Driver Z-Wave Device Config Mc

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I appreciate the reply. I was able to add the Z-wave Device Config Mc driver and after a little practice was able to use it and it does as advertised. I’ve set the fade on/off times for a couple of my Leviton plug-in dimmers.
I hope that Leviton or someone comes out with an Edge driver that incorporates the parameter settings (like Aeotec has done). That would make it easier for lay users such as myself.

I did have some problem tracking down the invitation link for the Mariano drivers so I’ll add the link here for others.

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Usually the easiest way to find community created edge drivers is with the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. In this case, you would look on the edge driver for lighting. :sunglasses:

The invitation link is normally in the first post of the author thread for the driver.


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