[Edge drivers] Cannot connect NEO Coolcam NAS-PD02ZT device

@nayelyz I am using the latest version. As I told you, the temperature history is relative, it works for an hour and then returns to 0º. at night it works like until 11:00 pm then it returns to 0º. During the day, it only works at around 12:30 a.m., then it returns to 0º

ok, the logs don’t contain any event for temperature measurement, only for motionSensor.

About this message, it means it’s not recognizing the command, so you might be using a CLI version where this command wasn’t added yet, have you verified you’re using the last one?
Also, please don’t use the symbol “[ ]” to wrap the device ID because you’ll get a syntax error.

About the events that are shown in the IDE, I see there are events for the temperature after the value of 0.0, so, you should be seeing the value change in the app.

@nayelyz I am using the latest version. As I told you, the temperature history is relative, it works for an hour and then returns to 0º. at night it works like until 11:00 pm then it returns to 0º. During the day, it only works at around 12:30 a.m., then it returns to 0º

ok, what I’m trying to check is if the device is sending this value at some point, the driver shouldn’t send it on its own unless there’s an issue with the conversion. So, you need to check in the logs the message received from the device and the result sent from the driver as a capability event for temperatureMeasurement around the hour you mention it stops working.

@nayelyz Hello, I send you in an annex what you asked for. Please I need help and get it working. Another thing that happens is that I cannot remove the light from the sensor. Before I could do it now it won’t let me,
Time Component Capability Attribute Value
2023-2-8 10:26:32 main motionSensor motion “active”
2023-2-8 10:25:57 main motionSensor motion “inactive”
2023-2-8 10:24:44 main motionSensor motion “active”
2023-2-8 10:21:03 main motionSensor motion “inactive”
2023-2-8 10:20:31 main motionSensor motion “active”
2023-2-8 10:20:12 main motionSensor motion “inactive”
2023-2-8 10:18:05 main motionSensor motion “active”
2023-2-8 10:18:04 main motionSensor motion “inactive”
2023-2-8 10:17:03 main motionSensor motion “active”
2023-2-8 10:00:14 main illuminanceMeasurement illuminance 0 lux
2023-2-8 10:00:14 main temperatureMeasurement temperature 0 °C
2023-2-8 9:56:38 main temperatureMeasurement temperature 16.2 °C
2023-2-8 9:50:36 main illuminanceMeasurement illuminance 265 lux
2023-2-8 9:38:32 main illuminanceMeasurement illuminance 371 lux
2023-2-8 9:23:28 main illuminanceMeasurement illuminance 269 lux
2023-2-8 9:08:23 main illuminanceMeasurement illuminance 157 lux
2023-2-8 8:50:16 main motionSensor motion “inactive”
2023-2-8 8:49:14 main motionSensor motion “active”
2023-2-8 8:23:01 main motionSensor motion “inactive”
2023-2-8 8:21:12 main motionSensor motion “active”


@nayelyz do you have any help for me?

Hello, @Jesus_De_Oliveira
So sorry for the delay.
In the events you sent here, we can only see the generated event, it’s like the end of the process, so, we cannot know why, that can be seen only in the driver logs.
You can let the logcat capturing the logs from the time it might fail (Eg. 09:55 pm) and save them into a file directly with this command:

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat driverId --hub-address=xx.x.x > log.log

The file will be saved in the same place as the file of the CLI. You won’t see the logs on the screen because the console will be writing them in the file.

However, as you mentioned it only happens at a certain time, it is highly possible this is because the device reported it.

Also, we can ask the team to see if there’s something strange around the time the temperature drops to 0. To do so, please do the following:

  1. Send the Hub logs from the IDE after the issue happened (no more than 12 hours after), please:
  1. In the IDE, enter “my hubs”
  2. Enter the corresponding Hub and go to “view utilities”
  3. Click on “send” below "send hub logs
  1. Share your Hub ID so the team can look for those logs in the system. This is the one that appears on the IDE.

I am having similar issues with my 3 Neo CoolCAM Sensors after they were flipped to edge drivers. None of them are reporting temperature now and don’t show that they support it in SmartThings. But using the previous groovy drivers they did.

I have 3 devices all with manufacturing code 0258-0003-008D

The device profile only shows motion-battery-illuminance. Can we please add temperature to that list so I can be getting the temperature from them again?

The problem seems to be that these devices initially never had a temperature sensor and it was these versions that were certified for use with SmartThings and were added to a stock device handler that only supported motion, battery and illuminance.

A community developer created custom device handlers that supported the temperature sensors on the later models which had the same ‘fingerprints’. There is no sign of this functionality having been added to the stock handlers and/or these later models having been certified (I am assuming they would be considered to be different but I have no real insight into the WWST process).

When SmartThings ported the devices to Edge drivers they replicated the functionality from the device handlers, so there isn’t any temperature sensor support in the stock drivers. I suspect that is unlikely to change without the involvement of the manufacturer but as I stated previously am not familiar with how these partnerships work.

Mariano has tweaked a driver based on the stock handler so that temperature is supported for these devices. If you used a installed device handler previously, as it seems like you must have done, SmartThings will have expected that you would do the same for the current platform.

Is there a pointer to the edge driver that was modified? I didn’t see a link in the discussion where I could subscribe my hub to it but I could have missed it.


This is the link to my shared Channel

Driver to install Z-Wave Sensor and child Thermostat Mc

Thanks @orangebucket

Wahoo! Works great so far. As soon as I flipped to that driver it showed the last temp that was recorded before the edge driver flip for me. And I’ve gotten at least 1 update on one of them.

Thanks a ton for taking the time to make this driver!