Edge Drivers and hard limit on my hub

Here’s the issue I’m running into. I’m maxed out on the driver limit on my V3 hub, it’s an Aeotec hub if that matters.

Everything is working, I just noticed on the new advanced interface page, that it says “hard limit” on driverMemoryLimitStatus and driverCountLimitStatus. So, I went through the list of drivers installed on my hub. There are some drivers on there that I never installed so I deleted them. Those being “Bose”, “Sonos”, “Wemo”, “Philips Hue” and “Samsung Audio”. No error messages, so I think all is well. Come back in a few days later, all of those drivers are back on the list. Anyone know how to permenently delete drivers or why these would appear? I don’t have any devices that are using these drivers, and if my system is maxed out, why would ST’s be pushing these to my hub.

I also have a V2 hub in my environment, I’m building out a new security system with Ring devices on that hub, all of those same drivers are showing up on that hub as well, so I’m guessing ST’s really wants these drivers pushed out for some reason, even though I don’t have any devices using them. Ideas?

There is another thread on all the drivers that get added back: https://community.smartthings.com/t/why-smartthings-has-installed-unnecessary-wemo-etc-drivers-to-my-hubs/262684

Basically you can’t permanently remove these drivers, but if you are not using them they should not be using memory.

What you need to do is try to consolidate your active drivers and eliminate some of them. Or switch to a v2 hub which has more memory.

Yes, I didn’t realize the big difference in memory and cpu speed when I decided to “upgrade” to the V3 hub back when I moved everything from DTH to Edge drivers. I thought I’d be future proofing my investment by upgrading. But, no harm I guess, now I’ve got two hubs to divvy things up among. I decided to put my V2 hub back online to use as a dedicated security system, so I’m moving a few things off my V3 like motion sensors and other “security” devices to try to bring my device drivers back down. I just kept seeing those other drivers in there that I’m not using, so I was trying to delete extraneous things. I guess I’ll stop worrying about them if they’re not being used.