Edge Driver to make a Sengled “smart switch” remote programmable?

I have a Sengled smart switch and am looking for a driver where the following is assignable to control other devices. I don’t think any sort the Sengled switch yet.

My intent is to make a basic remote out of it in conjunction with a harmony hub (have this part in smartthings already).
On = play
Off = pause
Bright up = volume up
Bright down = volume down
Long press on bright buttons = repeated command

I have a super hacky setup using automatons working right now, just wondering if there was a cleaner way to do it.

(The long press programming isn’t really needed for my use case)

  • On short press
  • On long press
  • On double press
  • Off short press
  • Off long press
  • Off double press
  • Brighten short press
  • Brighten long press
  • Dim short press
  • Dim long press

This is the switch