Edge Driver - Third Reality Smart Button

@BlackRose67 @orangebucket my mistake guys… I added the wrong pics. I was reading different thread and got them mixed up

My button is working with the “CStup Edge Drivers”


Surprised it was missed if it was already in the DTH.

I wasn’t able to add my ThirdReality button initially until I created my own DTH in the IDE, based on the Ikea Button.

There are a few devices like that one across various drivers. It is like the ‘to do’ list was taken from a snapshot of the drivers as they were in July last year and they haven’t all been revisited yet. I think the button was added to the DTH in August last year.

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Very possible. I thought another reason because the framework does not yet have cluster 0x0012 (Multi state basic) handling classes generated out and this device uses those to handle all 3 states. The two pressed states you can use existing clusters, and the hold state you might be able to cheat with another. Its on my list to request 0x0012 support be added.

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